Life inside and out of primary school. I'm feeling nostalgic today!

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Petal, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. Petal

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    I'd just like to know what life was like for you in primary school (age 4-12). For me it was amazing, I was very ambitious. I won Irish dancing competitions, badminton competitions, I was very handy at tennis too, lots of trophies I still have and look back at them with such happiness, I also modeled, it was scary being on a small catwalk with so many people watching, I gave that up when I was about 12. I was a very shy kid. I never got to see the videos of me modeling but I know they are there. I stopped modeling when I was 12 so about 6 years in total. Ahhhhh I wanna go back to primary school lol
    I got on very well with everyone, life inside and outside school was brilliant :) I attended summer camps too. Damn life was so good back then but I guess we all have to grow up sometimes. I had a crush on this guy Damien when I was only in 4th class, we kissed (not a naughty one just an innocent 1 second peck.) I was either 9 or 10, that was cute lol

    So come on spill everyone how was primary school for you and life outside school at that age?
  2. True-Lee

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    Hi, I was going to ignore this thread, post, or whatever it is called. Wow It is hard. Immediate reaction for me. I was a shy child I think. that's the way I remember it. I liked the outdoors and animals, as a child I was outdoors all the time. I remember daily summer mornings getting up early and going to the pasture and climbing up on Fred an old draft horse (retired) and laying out on his back (very Large) and even falling asleep the sounds of the birds and hearing him eat grass was very relaxing. I was as happy as could be, I would dam the brook and make little pools and lie under the apple trees to read, the grass would be very soft and green even during hot dry days. I had a few friends but they didn't live close. During the summer we even rode horses 7 miles to the nearest store. I was I felt, then and now living in an ideal world. We had all kinds of animals, Goats, Pigs, turkeys, geese and chickens. I wasn't really ready for school but I liked it. I liked drawing, reading, not to thrilled about math but did o.k.. I had the same teachers my older brothers and sister did, One of my teachers my mother even had in school.

    Several things happened during this time. I lost my grandmother who had been living with us, almost from the time I was born. I even walked (ran away) several miles as a small child from my aunts house where I was sent upon my grandmothers death, back to our house and hid outside when they took her I guess to the funeral home. I was devastated by her death. I had a hard time dealing with it, more then most children do from what I understand.

    The next traumatic experience for me was in the 5th grade, I was a singer, I loved it, I had one teacher that wanted me to sing in a Church Choir, I know this may sound a little strange but this choir was on the Radio on Sunday mornings and the children were Paid. they had 2 rehearsals during the week and then singing on Sundays. My mother wouldn't let me participate, I was not upset with her, it was just the Teacher who took it out on me, I suddenly could do nothing right, I was constantly punished by her until 1 day she pulled me out of the classroom and said she was going to put me in the third grade class, I stopped and told her that I was not going. My teacher then twisted my wrist and was pulling me by the hair towards the 3rd grade class, I grabbed the water fountain and wouldn't let go despite the teachers best efforts. The teacher later said I was screaming and yelling at her and that I kicked her. I would never do that to her or any adult, that is not the way I was raised, I was an obedient child, I would be afraid I would get punished again when I got home.

    I was out of school for two weeks from that point, I was placed in another school, not an easy thing for me or my family, I was placed in an after school program with disturbed and troubled children, I was humiliated, even at that age I knew something was wrong, I went for about 5 sessions and refused to go back, I never again enjoyed school, the school dept had issues my mother told me later and I was treated differently, I was aware of this even then. The teacher, several years after my issues with her, got fired, she had thrown a student down the stairs breaking his arm. and a concussion. The principal also had been fired for covering up other incidents. I was damaged by my problems, I know this now but, back then it seemed that it was just the way things went. I never had any other treatment or therapy for the problems with the teacher. to this day. I guess by now I never will either.
  3. Mr Stewart

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    Tough. I was dealing with an, at the time, undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder. Lots of problems socializing with other children. Lots of fear and stress. Problems at home too, with my parents. I am the youngest of four, with a seven year gap between myself and the next oldest sibling. Parents divorced when i was eleven.

    My childhood and teenage years is a long and sad story I'm afraid. :chargrined:
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