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Life is an EPIC Battle PT2

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A few days ago my mother beat me. Usually its the way a mother beats a child for being naughty, only Im in my 20s. But this time she beat me up like I was her equal and she tried to hurt me. She tried to dig out my eye balls but instead scratched my face. I have a few minor injuries but what hurts the most is that she treats me like her enemy, like someone she is trying to eliminate. Her boyfriend tried to get her off me but it was hard because she is strong. SHe told me she, that she doesnt care if I go and 'hang myself' and that I should look for a cliff to jump over. It started because she was telling my friend what an attitude I have because my friend was getting annoyed with me and she heard us bickering. I couldnt bare to hear her put me down in front of my friend so I shouted back at her: 'stay out of it!!'

I think she hates me because I am the age that she was when she gave birth to my sister. She had to sacrifice her life for a man, had four kids for him and emptied her pockets for him and now I'm suffering for it.

I have had everything happen to me under the sun.

Abuse in everyway imaginable. To myself and from others. There is no way I am happy with the life I'm living. None.

I CANNOT see a way out and I know many people are fighting for some airtime too, but I feel it just seems pointless.

Life also is a genuine disapointment, as we have to deal wih things such as climate change and what I think will be a world war with the middle east. I just dont wanna be here. I wish that I could teleport myself into another universe because life on planet earth is crap.

What a major disappointment.
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