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life is better than death dogma

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lonley_SA, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. lonley_SA

    lonley_SA Member

    I don't know where to turn to talk about my feelings when everything operates on the assumption that life is better than death when we just don't know that.

    One of the major tenets in psychology is client autonomy. Clients have the right to think and choose for themselves. Furthermore, most therapists agree that unconditional positive regard (acceptance) is essential for psychotherapy. But when it comes to suicide it all stops and with out any explanation it is assumed life is better than death. This may be true for some people but we cant say that for all. Depression is hell on earth and i find it hard to believe death is worse. While many therapist don't agree with the state mandating them to report someone who is suicidal it is hard to find any that would listen. Ultimately, i don't think therapists can be a place to turn to talk about this because they have assumptions i don't want them to have. I just want to talk about what i am going through and have them support me if i choose to live or die, to help me think through my own decision. They don't have to ride this life out if it is bad. I need support in my decision but the structure of the system denies it because they are on their moral high horse once again.

    I know i can't turn to friends either cause that would just turn into a guilt trip. Suicide is a lonely journey, but i guess it is best so. We judge suicide pacts so harshly but how nice that must be to hold someones hand as you both fade into something possibly better possibly worse but the freedom to choose.
  2. hallboy69

    hallboy69 New Member

    yes you hit it right on the money. trust me i try to get help many times they gave up on me.no one cares.
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I've always thought of this as the most beautiful and wonderful thing that could happen ever.

    I've posted this link on the site several times... but I'll post it again http://near-death.com.
    Some ideas of what death might be like. Most are positive experiences.

    We create heaven and hell on earth. Death is just a letting go. It can be done while still alive, some people are just too scared I guess.
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