Life Is Crap

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I AM so Ugly, big nose, big ears, knock kneed...people stare at me constantly...people talk about me, people laugh at me and make comments.
I just want to be left alone, i want to be anonymous when out in the street, not some freak.
I dont know what to do??? I would love to have surgery, but i cant afford it. I have to die, i cant go on like this.



I´m sorry you feel that way today.
Are you sure people are talking or laughing at you? Sometimes when we are down it seems so... but it´s not true. When we don´t like something about our body we just look at that part, we focus on that. But other people may not even realize or may not even think that the nose is big, or one eye is bigger than the other... things like that are on our mind.
I don´t know a single person with perfect body, do you? But that doesn´t mean they are not beautiful.

Think about that.

All the best,
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