life is crappp

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    feels like im livin just too survive cant see the point.... everyone i become friends with are all selfish and stuck up their own ass, even thou my life has gone down hill alot over depression and anxiety ive always treated people good and always been their for them and yer get no thanks. my life is stuck in one big depression ex left me , im a carer for 2 of me family, i resigned from my job coz i couldnt cope with carein, and all my friends well supposed to be friends are always to busy to bother with me... people say life isent always gonna be like that but for me its already fucked up for life carein n not bein able to work = not alot of money for socialisin , gettin out and getting my own life life is shit.. all people who are nastly n liars around me seem to always end up best off how does that work like one old friend who has got his girl pregnant and is sleepin with every girl he can behind his back n he's with the best girl ive ever met wtf? i can say ive never done a bad thing in me life and treated everyone nice even if they dont deserve it and this is how i end up basically no frinds and no life of me own :bash:
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    I know how you feel.
    I've treated my friends very well I think and not gotten the same in return. What I get in return are broken plans and always late, never can count on them. And I don't understand it because I would never do that to someone.

    Hey, I don't think there's many here that would disagree with you that life is crap. But we are crawling out of the shit together. So stay here and keep posting, and know we love you, just because you're here, and you're you.
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    Yep life sucks!! I wake up each morning knowing the day is going to be a repeat of the previous one..It's a never ending cycle.. I can't talk about friends because in the real world I haven't had any in around twenty years.. I pushed the few I had away along time ago..I have made some pretty good friends here on the forums.. Even carried a couple out into the real world..They live hundreds of miles away but I know they are here for me..
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    Dont expect anything approaching justice in this life or you will be very disappointed. Life isnt a sequence of "be good"/"be bad" decisions that would logically lead to a positive or negative end. Its a jungle out there, chaos reigns, and its your job to build a life out of this cesspit and gain some satisfaction from it anyway you can.

    Of course, in many ways this just perpetuates the same old merry circus you've just commented on, but your only other alternatives is a monks life of isolation or the dreaded S word...and this SF, so that isnt an alternative ;)... plus it sounds to me like you deserve a break, and I for one hope you get it, or more precisely, hope you can go about creating it.