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Life is great isn't it?

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Especially when you have a lifelong illness that forces you to go through medical procedures you're just sick of, when people you trust end up violating you when they were obligated to protect you, when people deliberately engage in activities for their pleasure -- those that hurt you inside, and they know it.

I was a happy bubbly kid, but now I'm just bitter and full of anger. Lifelong illness is enough, I struggle because of it but some people just had to add another burden on my shoulders. It's a cruel world we live in. People only hurt me, literally no one stood beside me and I'm sure you, who is reading this message, are also one of them. I had my hopes up for a long time but now, fuck it, it's realistic that way.


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Well I hope you are not reliant on any of these people who deliberately hurt you. Are you able to escape? Maybe after your next procedure? Move away and start all over.
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