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  1. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    everyday i wake up and ask myself, why the hell am i still alive. im sure almost everyone here asks the same question. i keep going through this POINTLESS MEANINGLESS LIFE over and over everyday. they keep saying that maybe tommorrow will be better. well, i am living in tommorrow today, and it is not better. it's the same ole shit again and again and again. so why the hell do we keep living???? I dont believe in god or heaven, or hell so there will be no retribution. if i killed myself right now, i'd just turn to dust soon enough. so why!!! why do any of us keep POSTING on this ridiculous forum to talk about our pathetic insignificant lives when we should all be holding hands atop the bridge and doing something worthy for once!!! AND JUMP!!!!
    OH GOD,WHY AM I STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Life is meaningless... until you give it meaning. I too once felt this way.

    Without going into too much detail, let me just say that I hated every aspect of my existance. My parents were abusive, my daily routine miserable and completely lacking in anything even remotely resembling fun I wanted much more out of life than I could see myself getting, and I didn't see any point in completing school just to work a mediocre job just to pay my bills and sustain my miserable existance.

    I found it helpful to ask myself these questions:

    "What would my life have to be like for me to feel otherwise?"

    "What would I have to do to make my life like that?"

    Aim high. If you truely want it, you'll get it.
  3. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Why'd you choose that as your username MyLifeIsBetterThanYours by the way?
  4. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    MyLifeIsBetterThanYours...thanks for rubbing it in.
    nkrukato, i think he's trying to rub it in.

    the difference is...i don't hate every aspect of my existence. i just don't really care anymore. i've tried putting meaning into my life, but i am so aware that I applied it, that i can't accept the meaning as know what i mean? it's just all a farce.
    there are only two things in this life i "want", and truth. i've searched for truth, and i think i have the answer...there is no god, and life is meaningless unless us humans apply meaning to it. (go to first paragraph)
    love is my only hope...and i dont think anyone could ever love me, because i see the kind of people who love people, and i'm not that kind of person. trust me. i am a freak and a half. if i were to find my soulmate, maybe i could reconsider. but wait a minute, i don't believe in soul mates..
    so my only option is death, just quick, unwavering, finite death. and i feel ready. not sad or angry, just ready. but i think the reason i'm still here is because i don't want to go out with a whimper. i want the world to remember me.(we all want our 15min.) so i'm devising a plan....ok i've said too much.
  5. I'm not rubbing anything in. I just really suck at coming up with user names.

    Maybe you cease to exist when you die. If that's the case, then life may very well be pointless... just like, say, riding a rollercoaster. I make that comparison because if we assume there is no "afterlife", both life and roller-coaster riding are completely meaningless when you look at the "big picture". If this is your view, then you should do your best to experience life to the fullest and cherish the time you have.

    However, if something like a "soul" really does exist in each of us, it's in our best interests to learn and grow and experience as much as we can, for obvious reasons.

    Either way, the best course of action is basically the same.

    That's how I see it at least. I think it's up to each individual to find meaning for him/herself. Give it time and you will. Kill yourself and you won't.

    I have a question for you: are you male or female? If you're male, I could point you in the direction of site that might be useful (no, not porn...). I'm not sure what this forum's policy is on linking other sites, so I'll probably just email it to you (if you wanna just set up a new email account to ensure your anonymity and post it here, or something).
  6. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    yes, rollercoaster rides are meaningless, but exciting nonetheless.
    life is meaningless, but exciting nonetheless.
    i know i can get out there and experience everything under the sun. i know there is so much more i should know, but what is the point. i may create something out of my knowledge, but it would never be enough to affect real change in any global sense. since when has anybody? we're still the same stupid miserable people we were millennia ago. still all searching for the same shit; love, truth and happiness. and we all create and destroy to find it. ridiculous cycle lived a billion times over. why do we keep doing it?? to perpetuate the species is the only answer i can find.
    i suppose i have expected too much out of life and i am all too keenly aware that my expectations will never be met. the point is, i see no future worth living for, rollercoasters and all.
    and there is a soul that exists.... so long as our brains do.

    that is sad that there is a site out there that can help me but i can only access it if i am male. another expectation obliterated.
  7. "i may create something out of my knowledge, but it would never be enough to affect real change in any global sense. since when has anybody?"

    I don't think I understand - there have been many people who have changed the world for the better. Put in the time and effort, and there's nothing you can't do.

    "we're still the same stupid miserable people we were millennia ago. still all searching for the same shit; love, truth and happiness. and we all create and destroy to find it. ridiculous cycle lived a billion times over. why do we keep doing it?? to perpetuate the species is the only answer i can find."

    I think reason it's so hard to find the meaning in life is that we don't know what happens after death. This guy explains what I've been trying to word for the past 45 minutes much better than I can. It's a long article, but it's worth reading.

    "i suppose i have expected too much out of life and i am all too keenly aware that my expectations will never be met."

    Hmm... maybe you could share some of these expectations? I literally have trouble imagining a goal that's impossible to achive.

    "that is sad that there is a site out there that can help me but i can only access it if i am male. another expectation obliterated."

    I didn't mean you can only access the site if you were male, I meant it would probably only help you if you were male. If you want me to send you the link I'll be happy to do it, regardless of your gender. It's a site dedicated to teaching shy guys how to interact with and build relationships with women.

    Since I wrote that post I realized that there's a resource out there in this same genre that is also of use for women. If you're interested, pick up "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene. The guy's a genius - if you want to give yourself an "edge" in finding love, this is probably the best place to start.
  8. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    haha. i've actually discovered Steve Pavlina's forum a couple of weeks ago. i never read any of his blogs however. i had a good feeling his "philosophies" were in sync with J.Z. Knight's, a.k.a. Ramtha's.

    maybe i am missing the point of steve's blog, but it sounds as if he is telling people to delude themselves into living a better life. excuse all the data, or lack there of and just believe. is this good?? (sounds familiar)
    well, either way, i've approached the life after death issue from a scientific perspective and have concluded that life will end when our physical bodies die. if i went with Steve's plan, then i would still choose to believe this, simply because, living life like i will live forever, makes me delusional. and i'd rather be conscious. thank you for offering it anyway.

    what did i expect out of life?... i would tell you, but most of it is plain nuts (it's sort of the things Steve may believe)

    "Put in the time and effort, and there's nothing you can't do."
    what if i told you i wanted to fly? not in an airplane. i'm not trying to antagonize. this is what i meant when i said it is nuts.

    anyway, thank you for caring or putting in the time, but i think i'm hopeless.
    and by the way, i know how to seduce men well enough...bat the eyes, laugh at all his moronic jokes, and wear tight clothing. kidding. i'd rather just go with who i am and if someone should love me, then at least i know i didn't have to follow some rules in a book to make him do so.
  9. Hmm... how does one scientifically prove something like that? Choosing to believe one thing over another when there is no way to know whether or not you're actually right isn't being delusional. Being delusional would be choosing to believe in something in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Here's another site that might be worth a look, especially if you aren't familiar with "near death experiences". I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's absolute proof, but it is thought provoking.

    My plans are probably at least as nuts as yours. :wink:

    I'd say "Better start practicing!". There's actually a pretty big online community of people that claim to be able to various things with "psi" (which, I guess, is basically mind-power), including move and even levitate small objects. Some of the move skilled practitioners even claim to be able to move fairly large objects. So far as I know, no one's claimed to be able to fly yet, but I do believe such things are possible with enough practice.

    I'm skeptical of a lot of the claims made on that site, but not the basic premise that thought effects reality - there's just too much evidence to support it. For example, the Japanese scientist who actually proved a while back that a person's thoughts can effect his/her environment (or at least water).


    Ehh... I guess if you're looking for a loser or a one-night-stand... :rolleyes:

    In a perfect world, simply being yourself would work every time. I think a lot of people will unfortunently dismiss people who don't fit a particular superficial mold. For those who don't fit such molds, simply being yourself might not be enough, as people will rarely take the time to get to know you.

    You're obviously smart. I have no doubt that whatever goals you set for yourself you'll achive. The only way to fail is to quit.
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  10. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    near-death-experiences are caused by the depletion of inhibitor neurons from a lack of oxygen to the brain. hyperventilation and breath meditation can cause the same euphoric feelings.
    i was into psi once in my life. the only thing i was able to accomplish was to give myself orgasms in dreams.
    if anyone in the world could move objects with thier minds, they'd be on tv. i'm watching Cheers right now. where are my paranormal heroes??
    that Japanese scientist left many windows open in his "experiment"; no control subject, sloppy work environment, lack of specific method in photographing crystals...etc. etc.

    i don't mean to sound hostile, i've just been down those roads and there's only so much practice you can put into it before you realize it's all in your head :p

    if it makes you feel any better, you got me thinking about Psi again, (and not just because of the dream orgasms)
    thanks for the link. my logic tells me it's all a joke, but my logic is flawed, obviously. if anything, it'll keep me occupied for a moment.
    thank you anyway.
    and i do agree with you that thoughts effect reality. i'm just so tired.
    and you're suspect.
  11. Then how do you explain #2 from that NDE link?

    Odd... I don't recall them teaching THAT on psipog. :wink:

    From what I hear it can takes months of steady practice to learn to move stuff.

    If they were on T.V., I think the skeptics would dismiss them as cheap illusionists and go watch Cheers instead.

    Really? Meh.

    I've heard that the reason why that kind of stuff is so hard to learn is people sabotage themselves by thinking that they can't do it.

    Don't worry about making me feel better. I just want you to succeed at whatever it is you want to do.

    Huh? I'm suspect? I don't get it...
  12. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    #2- out of body perception.
    the stories of out of body perception seem credible until you take into account probability. the probability that the Al Sullivan concluded his neighbor's son would be ok, is 50/50. either the boy would die from lymphoma or not. so when he imagined his relatives giving him vital information, it may have only been him hoping the boy's condition would improve, and if you really think it through, saying the boy would be ok means nothing really. i will be ok, you will be ok, we'll all be ok in one sense or another. the chances of him knowing his surgeon's idiosyncratic ways is also very great since i'm sure he's visited with him on more than one occassion. knowing that his surgeon flapped his hands just means that Al knew his surgeon.
    seeing someone in death that you've never known in life either suggests someone had told you about this person, or that you've seen a picture once. our minds forget most of what we perceive, so the chances are great that we've encountered these "unknown people" before, we just don't remember. do you remember what the kid in 2nd grade that sat next to you look like? probably not, but somewhere in our minds the memory persists.
    here is a game that may prove that probability makes meaning out of chance:

    i won't argue with you about the human mind and the reservoir of mystery we have yet to tap. i will admit i still believe there are hidden capabilities of the mental sort, but it is that i believe we may never find anything beyond what we've found now, which is close to nothing. it's been centuries since human beings have explored these realms, and still nothing. there is this book called Celestine Prophesy. i was blown away by the ideas it suggested and it made me believe it was possible, but after years of failure, i realized it was just a story. none of it is possible. it's just all silly stories. it's laughable really, that the human mind has the capabiliy to imagine such impossible worlds but unable to realize them. it's a joke. a cruel evolutionary joke.

    it's all bunk.

    and you are suspect because you came here with a name suggesting hostility or condescension. i think you work for the Ramtha recruiting agency sent out to snatch-up lost souls, or, you know me. Who are you and why are you here?

    btw, there were these two scientists who offered $1million to whomever could prove they had psychic abilities beyond a reasonable doubt. guess what, no one came forward. moneys of this sort have also been offered to countless "psyhics" who had to do nothing but be psychic, and guess what, they refused. i wonder why.

    thanks anyway MyLifeIsBetterThanYours. don't mean to be such a pain, just want to clarify my lost hope so you understand why it may be time for someone like me to start pushing daisies.
  13. Has anyone ever told you you'd make a great lawyer?

    That's a bit like saying that one's chances of winning the lottery are 50/50, since one either wins or loses. The kid's chances may have been quite good to begin with, but regardless, telling someone that their kid's potentially fatal disease won't kill them is kinda risky. I certainly know I wouldn't want to be the guy to give false hope to a dying kid's parents. I think it's fairly safe to say that Sullivan at least believed he had a NDE in which he was told his neighbor's son would survive.

    I suppose... but then again, I'd say that when someone has a life-threatening illness, saying that he/she will "be ok" has a fairly clear and commonly accepted meaning.

    Why would it even be notable if Sullivan already knew about the doctor's habit? In that case, the only reason that part of the story would be included is if the author's intention was to fool his audience, in which case he could've simply made up something much more compelling.

    It's possible, but that'd be quite the coincidence.

    I've never read that... but it's worth noting that the human race has done some pretty "impossible" things.

    What's the Ramtha recruiting agency? A quick google search didn't find anything...

    Don't you think it'd be pretty dumb of me to make my screenname "MyLifeIsBetterThanYours" if I wanted to build enough rapport to pursuade people into doing whatever it is that the Ramtha recruiting agency does?

    I came to this website looking for someone I thought might be posting here. I didn't originally intend on posting, so for my screenname I just wrote the first thing that came to mind.

    Interesting. I wonder if that offer still stands... Might have to go harass the guys at psipog about that.

    I think most people lose hope at some point in their lives. You can only come out of this two ways - stronger or dead.

    If I understand your situation correctly, then I can guarantee that your problem will disappear once you find a goal that you want to achive and start making progress towards it. I can say that with certainty because I was in a similar situation a while back, and now I'm the happiest person I know.
  14. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    lawyer! ahhhh!! shoot me now!

    i won't argue any longer about those things.(even though the lawyer in me has a rebuttle for every statement) i understand the power of belief. we will believe anything if it makes us better and feel better, what's the harm, right? i understand that is what Steve Pavlina was basically trying to say in the first link you gave me. it has just become so hard for me to keep living in that state of mind. i want to have that youthful wide-eyed wonderment i once had, but i just feel so empty, alone i suppose. the best way to explain it, is: i feel like a jar that is constantly filling with water, but there's no one there to drink it, so all it does is overflow. i guess it's more simple than i think, it goes back to the first part, i just need to find love, and once again, i know i never will. it's all so stupid and simple. but i think that's what a lot of people here are lacking to be honest, just someone who understands and loves them dearly. soulmates.
    oh well.
    to be completely honest with you, i've had out of body experiences and unexplainable psychic phenomena happen to me. and it was all very real. and i used to keep a journal recording significant signs and supernatural occurances. i just wanted to have an argument... :p can't help myself, sorry. i think i would've won though.
    anyway, thank you for trying to help me through this, kind stranger. you really did make me think about all those crazy things again.

    by the Ramtha recruiting agency, i meant you might've been a representative from the spiritual movement, Ramtha (you know that movie, "What the Bleep do we know?" made by that agency) anyway, like a jehovah's witness at my door. and it wouldn't have been such a dumb thing to have the screenname you have. could be like the power of suggestion.

    anyhow, perhaps you are right that all i need to do is stick to one of my goals and just go for it. immerse myself completely in it so i don't have any spare time to sit and feel sorry for myself. life...what a bitch.
    i do have goals. so many of them it's overwhelming. silly human goals...what a bitch.
    well, i hope your friend is ok.
    and you, you claim happiness? what is your secret? what did you do to make it there?? please i would like to know, if you have time.
  15. Odd... do you have any idea what these people hope to gain from this? What are they recruiting anyway?

    It's not about distracting yourself at all. I believe making progress towards a goal could be the solution to your problem because I believe that the lack of tangible progress could be the main cause of your depression. It was in my case.

    Feel free to PM me anytime if you feel overwhelmed. I've gotten pretty good at breaking down problems.

    I have tons of time, but it's really not much of a secret. I aimed high, figured out what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and what kind of life I wanted to lead. Then I dedicated myself to getting there. Every passing day brings me closer to my goals, and when you're in that situation you can't help but be greatful for every second you're alive.
  16. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    The Ramtha movement makes money by "recruiting" people into thier belief system. basically, you pay them close to thousands of dollars to spend a weekend or so at thier retreat and learn how to move feathers with your mind or make your way through a maze blindfolded. it could be that the movement was founded on the idea of spreading the prophesy bestowed upon J.Z. knight, but she's a millionaire now decide. (they don't really come to your door, i was just making a reference. i believe their methods are more covert, like with the movie)

    lack of progress is part of my depression, but i'm tangled in a number of other issues also. one's that from your perspective seem consolable, but from here, it's a tunnel with no end.
    i won't deny that i should work on completing at least one of my goals, just to see how it would feel. hmmm, first goal: slit wrist, bleed out....kidding! just kidding. i'll start small, slit finger, bleed a little....kidding again! i kill me...ok, that one was unintentional. seriously though, i will try even if it kills me. hmmm.... you can see what my problem is, i don't take anything seriously and i take everything too seriously, i'm hopeless. arghhh!!! i'm hopeless! i need a mentor or a manager to handle my life for me, it's too much work.
    im just another slacker loser, a huge waste of space, seriously, they should put me out now before i end up a welfare looney and drain the hardworking chumps of society. why can't i just get my shit together!!! 'cause there is too much shit!!! a whole stinking mile long box of it!!! arghhhhh!!! help me jesus!
  17. Wow. What a scam. It's easy to find your way out of a maze blindfolded - just keep one hand on the wall!

    All problems seem much worse than they actually are before you solve them. Trust me, you'll look back and think "what the hell was I so worried about?".

    I've encountered some of the same problems you will. The main problem, of course, is motivation. Here are a couple things that I've learned that'll help you get started:

    -Make a positive improvement in your appearance or your environment. Clean your room, get a nice hair cut, whatever. As silly as it sounds, I've found this helps motivation, almost as if you're getting a fresh start.

    -Write down your goals. This is important. A goal not written is just a dream. I think it helps to read them daily, just to kinda remind you what you're working for. Also, they should be unambiguous. When you achive a goal, you should be able to tell.

    -Write down what it'll take to reach your goals. Every skill that you'll need to know should be clearly documented, as well as every step that you'll need to take to learn those skills.

    -Start a journal. At the end of each day, write a new entry describing what you did that day to further your goals, whether or not you reached your goals for the day, what you could do to improve the next day, and what you plan to do to further your goals the next day. It might be benificial to do this writting in a blog instead, just to motivate yourself a little more to complete everything you planned to do.

    -Find a way to quantify your improvement. This is easy for me, since most of my goals are fitness related, but depending on what you're trying to accomplish it might be more difficult. It isn't absolutely essential, but it does go a long way towards keeping you motivated.

    -Take one of the steps towards learning one of the skills you'll need to know every day. This'll probably end up being something like "practice this for an hour". Each step you plan to take should be clearly defined - you should know when you're done. I'd recommend continuing this praxis for a preset amount of time (at least a week) before adding another step to your schedual to avoid crushing your motivation with a seemingly impossible workload.

    -Make procrastination impossible, set dates and times for every goal-furthering praxis you plan to do. I wasted a TON of time telling myself "I'll do it in an hour... or two". Don't make the same mistake.

    -Make the first thing you do every morning something pertaining to furthering your goals. It doesn't have to be hard, something like 10 pushups would do. It's just another cool motivation trick.

    Something worth taking into consideration - it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Even if you set really high training requirements for yourself, if you can keep it going for 21 days, you'll pretty much have the hardest part (motivation) beat. Other milestones to aim for are day 1 and day 3. After both these points I've found the mental aspect to get a lot easier.
  18. registeredun

    registeredun Guest

    you make it sound so easy. and i know it is. just need a reason to do 10 pushups, you know what i mean. what is your reason? is it to get the ladies?
  19. Well, I wouldn't exactly say it's easy. It's well, well worth it though. I can tell that even from the progress I've made so far.

    Also, just to be clear, 10 pushups won't do much. That was just an example of a simple goal-oriented task that you could do in the morning to get you into the right mode right off the bat. I'm sure you already knew that, but I just want to be perfectly clear.

    As for my reason... I'll PM it to you.

    EDIT: Hmm... wanna register or get an email or something? I could potentially cause problems for myself later on if I talk about my goals on an open forum (nothing illegal... no worries).
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  20. registeredun

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    now i'm deathly curious about your reason. this better be worth it :p
    i'll PM you my email.
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