life is precious this morning

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  1. ACRon

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    I did have a rant here, but decided not to start a discussion on it and have erased it
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  2. thedeafmusician

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    Are you sure? Well either way I hope it helped to get it out... even if you deleted it later.

  3. ACRon

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    well tbh, no i didn't feel better after I wrote it down. but thanks. It was about something I don't fully understand. Im trying to be part of a greater wisdom in my mind because I can't except what is on the ground level. kind of like reaching for independance and strength, having a social conscience. things likethat but all the time feeling too weak to be the person I am trying to be. Ive started thinking about a greater good. but don't know if I can make it, sometimes I just feel like a parasite, leeching off of people, yet never making the next step up in helping people, because I don't think I have any right to act superior. On top of which I think I'd be leading people astray. Yet all the time knowing that Im talking complete nonsense.

    Life is precious, to those who know how to enjoy it and be a part of the team.