Life is really unsteady *please post* Warning maybe trigger

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    Warning may trigger

    I'm in a house where my room mate is treated like a fucking king while im treated like a prisoner..

    At times i really think im nothing as a person

    My room mate gets cigs, weed, Money, drives the other room mates truck, drinks, and does nothing around the house, and acts like a fucking asshole

    not shit!!!!

    While i clean, wash dishes, and i am very repectful,
    i have to ask my mom who went threw a divorce and has no money, i have to ask her or pan handle for money for cigs, im forced to walk everywhere, in fact i walked 34 miles...

    I'm near a damn nervous break down and i havent had a cig today

    And if he pulls a asshole move like he did just 5mins ago im gonna Fucking kill him

    I'm tried of being treated like shit and over looking it
    I'm tried of being the nice guy, it only brought me more pain,

    I dont know how much more mental stress i can handle

    I'm starting to feel as though im losing my FUCKING mind

    im becoming a nazi for the simple fact that i want to feel wanted, and if i become one i will have a family

    Fuck both my fucking room mates, i my room mate corey who says he is going into the army which i doubt he loves free loading off jeff!! But if he does i hope he gets taken prisoner and beheaded with a dull blade and then pissed and shit on and then they light his body on fire and then put his body in a car, crush the car, then blow up the crushed car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I'm so tired of his petty ass bull shit

    And not only that he has been talking shit about me to people and making alot of people hate me,

    I'm very pissed off and if he does anything, i dont know if i can resist fucking stabbing his face

    Im tired of not being equal?

    What did corey do to be better treated than me??!??!?!

    did he blow fucking jeff? i wouldnt doubt it... Jeff is gay and corey is questionable even my mom thinks there might be something going on between the two, im tried of talking... its time to take action

    I stopped talking to them yesterday and im going to look into a nazi group

    (keep in mind im not a nazi nor will i become one, but im german and irish and white and i want friends)

    I'm going to spend my last bit of money on cigs
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    okey i bought cigs with the last bit of my money and im feeling alot better

    Also fuck my room mates! :mad: