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life is so shit

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Why does life never get easier, I am fed up with the constant struggle of not harming myself again, so many attempts to kill myself but ive either got caught when taking the overdose or it just never worked out. Im fed up with the way people make you feel like life would be better off without you but then I have the scars to show what they have done. they sooner lifes over the better
Everything such as how I am treated, I m always being put down, getting shit spread bout me and people I thought I could trust just used me. But i have felt like this mainly since I was a teenager with my unstable family life


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Im really sorry about these feelings your coping with. Why would people want to spred romours about you? Its very difficult and I know easier said than done but sometimes you got to take it in the teeth. If they want to spred crap about you let them if thats wat floats there boat. You are stronger than this. People who suffer and survive every ordeal are stronger people than some low life spreding romours. Im sorry about your family I know how hard it can be. You are strong, strong enough to come on here and look for hope.
Keep safe and keep posting.
I hope that you can find some comfort
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