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Life is strange

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Well another strange week in this waiste of time that is my life !!!!

Not so long ago I had a crying fit one night for no reason !!!!

Tonight all I want to do is cry, but nothing is happening, just my luck !

Do you ever think, your starting to get a handle of life, then only later find out you know about as much as an ant knows about flying a jumbo jet.

If there is a god in heaven,

A, Im not going to end up there
B, Im going to give him a smack in the mouth when I see him
C, He's got a piss poor sense of humour

Ho, humm at this rate, I'll have to admit the final defeat and see a f*****g doctor.
I feel your anger at life and am at the same place myself tonight. I laughed at your punching God in the face when you get to heaven. I feel the exact same way.

Life is supposed to be a gift from God. Well, he's not a very good giver if you ask me.

Take care of yourself.


Antiquitie's Friend
I wouldn't mind if I was knowingly a bad person, but I have spent my entire life, trying to be a better person, than I really am, if that makes sense ?

I'm not a particularly religous person, so I suppose its much easier to blame some, nameless, faceless person for all your failings in life, than it is to face the fact, that the entire mess is all your own doing.

Life is a gift, but like all gifts, it's only usefull if your actualy do something with it, for my part, I took this gift and put it away in a cupboard for 20 years, I hardly even took the wrapping paper off.

Now some 20 years later, I have decidsed to take my life out of box and play with it, but guess what, its not this bright and shiny new thing I put away all those years ago, now its old and tarnished and no one else is really impressed by it, not like when it was new, its just another old, slight worn out life, thats not that much fun to play withanymore, it 20 years out of date, worse than last years model, its a life they dont even make any more, times have moved on.

I haven't !!!!!!!!!!!!

A bit ethereal for a Sunday, but I'm sure you get the idea.
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