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Life is Suffering, People are Useless, Nonexistence Can't Be Bad

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by BinaryHateEnnui, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. BinaryHateEnnui

    BinaryHateEnnui Banned Member

    I don't connect with people. I can't. I'm physiologically incapable of functioning empathy or reading body language, I don't care about social status gaming or relationships, I don't want to have sex, I hate children, I hate dogs, I don't trust psychiatrists and talking about my problems doesn't change anything. Excercising doesn't make me 'feel better', nor do sunnier climates. I hate the beach, hiking is boring, most literature is trash.
    Most people are herdish, atavistic half-wits whom I have nothing in common with and no sense of rapport. Having friends, hobbies, employment, etc. has never made me the slightest bit better, but rather added to stresses. The books I read, hanging out with my friends, medication and drugs, etc. are at best a temporary and increasingly futile distraction from an existence that is nothing but a hedonistic treadmill, going from suffering to suffering all in a pointless game. I do not care about the future of mankind, nor the effect that suicide would have on my reputation, my family and, frankly, I don't care about my friends. Dead people don't have problems. You're right that it isn't a 'solution' - it doesn't reach any goals - but not having goals or experience is a goal in itself. Don't believe me? Look up Buddhism.

    That^ is why I think I will pretty much inevitably commit suicide. All that's stopping me is cowardice, habit and misguided crossed-wires of various hobbies I pursue. Yet they have been fading in brightness and their ability to quell my hatred and dread of the world has been decreasing. I am always depressed or anxious (I have been since I was a preteen), and the only drugs that make life tolerable are controlled by your Nazi police state. They also require money, and I have since resolved that employment has never brought me anything that really mattered.

    All of the psychiatrists and counselours I have ever encountered just want to use emotional blackmail, talk-talk-talk, sugar-pills (Paxil is rubbish), and inane moralizing pretending to be 'scientific' (psychiatry). It's all garbage and lies. They aren't even capable (As most of the shuffling tools on this planet are not) of recoginizing that someone might have a personality and being that is incommensurable with their disgusting little herd, and that maybe I don't want to 'adapt' because I think such a life is better off not happening.

    Basically, you're full of shit. I am not here to be 'talked out of it'. You can't, because your peer-pressure and stupid tropes depend on substantive value agreement. You will not get that from me. In fact, I couldn't give that. Your attachment to 'life' comes entirely from some evolved heuristic, and when one despises breeding, small talk, social gaming and endless combinations of shiny lights and noises there is no room for agreement with your kind.
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  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    and after all that - and yet - here you are....... so I guess you are in fact attracted to the herd and feeling a need to contribute it. I suspect it is more sour grapes and frustration at past failures to find a comfort zone than anything but it is irrelevant -
    welcome to SF, use it for whatever it offers you so long as you are not rude to members and follow the guidelines.
  3. BinaryHateEnnui

    BinaryHateEnnui Banned Member

    Of course, most people have a desire to form personal connections. The point is that I can't, and I'm tired of trying. <mod edit - against guidelines>
  4. BinaryHateEnnui

    BinaryHateEnnui Banned Member

    I refuse to participate in a forum with <mod edit> I can't ignore. Every time I go to one of these forums I hate you people a little more. This is why I don't care about trying. It's a complete waste of time.
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  5. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Then what is your point of being here? When you decide you want to participate you should try a forum - if you do not want to participate in accordance with the guidelines then it is not surprising in the least it does not provide much use to you.
  6. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Perhaps it is due to your approach.
    Why not talk on a civil manner with us, we are not your enemies and we could be your friend.
    Welcome to the forum. Let's talk more and see if we can discover solutions.
  7. Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time Active Member

    Well you seem to be misanthropic like me. I can tell that you came here because there is the slightest hope in you and this is reaching out. No matter how you decided to approach. Sure I hate people too, with corruption, idiocy, religion, etc... But the fact that people are willing to help and support one another here takes a bit of that hate off(not that I'm saying hate is wrong, I believe it gives meaning.) Hell I'm even ok with the religious people here because their intention is to save someone rather than convert people. There's no need to keep your defenses up here, feel free to PM if you wish to talk about things.

    Welcome to the forums, be respectful others.
  8. MikeTRobot

    MikeTRobot Active Member

    Hi BinaryHateEnnui. You seem to have a very pessimistic attitude, which I have shared many, many times. I agree with most of your points, I mean the majority of people are pretty guilty of what you've said. Most follow the herd, don't think for themselves, just ignore that man behind the curtain and all that, absolutely, I think we can all agree on that. Unfortunately some of us don't quite fit in, we struggle with it our entire lives and others won't ever understand.

    But honestly man, nothing at all in life brings you joy? I don't think I believe you.
  9. JekyllHide

    JekyllHide Member

    most of the replies here toward BinaryHateEnnui have been condescending.

    do you guys really think treating a misanthrope harshly because their words bother you will contribute anything positive to the situation? in that case it's better not to post.

    I understand you, BinaryHateEnnui. you sound like a more abrupt and unfiltered version of myself.

    I'd like to talk to you. to get to know you, if that's okay.

    I'm a writer and I write a lot of philosophical stuff about consciousness and the intrinsic value of existence.

    I experiment using various methods to expand my consciousness. the stuff I write is basically my own experiences and revelations I've had. to be able to share them with others.

    I think we share in common an esoteric understanding of a generally very insincere and ingenuous society.

    I believe the true essence of existence was lost some where along the way. I'm not sure when it happened, but I think we have forgotten something very important. something beyond all the illusions of trivialism and philistinism. something nobody dares to talk about because it is frail. it has become something arcane.

    I'd like to talk to you. I feel like we might have interesting conversation. just please, give me a chance and try not to assume the worst.


    I tried sending you a PM to say hello. it says you aren't accepting PMs.
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