Life is Torture..I want to die desperately.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by The Depressed Puppy, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    I am so so so sorry for posting here so much, but it just really helps me.

    I still want to die, really bad. No matter what, the thoughts always creeping back in. The thoughts, & the depression do not stop. I would love to stop everything though. So I don't need to suffer everyday with depression. I think I have other issues to, like anxiety.

    I want help, But I can not get help, I just can't :( I do not know why, I can't get myself to tell someone I just can't

    Again, I am sorry for always wasting your time.
  2. domfirlotte

    domfirlotte New Member

    Hang in there! It feels awful, and those thoughts suck. I know no two people feel pain the same but there are always reasons to live. In one of my appointments to see the doctor she said that there had been studies on people with OCD (bear with me). So say one of the messages the brain gives is "check the lock". When you physically obey that message it makes that pathway easy so the brain will keep doing it. When the people physically stopped the action, the pathway became harder so the messages stopped. The same thing is with those thoughts. They're a jerk and a bully. You are stronger than any of that. Hang in there and try to see good.:)
  3. jnick

    jnick Well-Known Member

    You are not wasting anyones time and you are worthy of others attention. No need to apologize, we are here to listen and share and vent and everything else. Stick it out, things can and will get better, it is just impossible to see from your particular point of view right now, things can change for the better.
  4. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys :) Somw days are just so hard, & I just want to sleep forever never wakeup
  5. soulreaper

    soulreaper Well-Known Member

    you do know there are people far worse off then you... just think about that for a second, now I think you should seek help for your anxiety and depression, you will have to let people in eventually, which I understand is hard to do with the sting of pain and fear but its for the best, do it will a professial so it confidential. good luck. I truly do hope you get better.
  6. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    IK I should seek help, I want to, but I just, can't.
  7. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    Yes you can! And if you don't think so, then ask someone else to tell them for you... There's always another way to get what you really want! You've just got to figure it out. "The How." You can do it, T.D.P. I believe in you. :D Peace, mrbg!
  8. I feel the same way u do...i cant tell anyone my true feelings...they wont understand. Especially in my town...we are so hung up on pride and ego..i fear my friends would laugh at me..i understand.
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