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Hi, everyone. I hope everyone is having a good summer despite scorching heat. Recently, I have been thinking about all the instances that I came close to dying. There were several instances in my life that I came very close to dying. The 1st instance was I almost drowned in pool. The 2nd instance was I almost got hit by a car while riding a bicycle. The 3rd instance was I was hospitalized for major illness. The 4th instance was I attempted suicide and failed.

When I deeply ponder about all those instances, I can't stop but ask myself, "How did I survive? By luck or by the intervention of Higher Power? If the latter, why would He let me go through all the horrible, terrible things in life? What is the profound reason I am still alive?"

I know I am asking Qs that no one can answer with clear, definite idea. But after having been through all the unbearable things in life, I became a philosophical person questioning a lot of things in life. I also often wonder, "Does everything in life really happen for a reason? Every life has a purpose in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people?"

As of now, I see my life as this way. I am living my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th life. I could have died. But I survived and am still here. Life has been unbearable and merciless to me? Yes. Why? I don't know. So what do I want to do with the rest of my life? I wanna make the most of it. I wanna be the best that I can be DESPITE all the obstacles and challenges I have to live with every day.

My life is not an ordinary life, at least mental aspect of it. I was given this life and have been asked to go through all the pains and sufferings for some reason. Till my time is up in this world, I am going to do my best to fulfill my purpose, be a productive citizen, and make a difference. Life indeed is unfair to some people but it doesn't get any better by keep saying it. If I follow all the things I said above day in and day out, I believe that someday, my dreams will become a reality and all these sufferings and pains will cease to exist.



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Excellent attitude! And really, what choices do we have? We can either begrudge our life, neglect our life, or embrace it. And there is a lot of emotional pain involved in regrets and wondering what life would have been if... and wishing things were different. There is a lot of emotional pain too in neglecting life, just going through the motions, a zombie, no purpose or direction. Trying to exist in spite of life.

And then there is the embracing of who we are, at this moment. And if you can let go of all the baggage of remorse and suffering and loss, if you can just be who you are in this moment. If you can let go of the future and who you "should' be and how life is "supposed" to be. Just be who you are right now and in this moment. Then you can see that you really are an amazing person. That you are no better or no worse than any other. That you are unique. That you have a distinct perspective in life and a position in life. You have a right to be. To be alive is an incredible thing.

When we choose to embrace our life we become empowered to make a difference in it.

As you believe that someday your dreams will become a reality you take a step towards those dreams. And regardless of the sufferings and losses there is progress. I once thought of it as going up a stairway but then something would happen and I would fall back down and have to start all over again. And then I thought of it as two steps forward, one step back. But now I think of it in linear terms. From point A to point B, (from life to death) every second of every minute of every day is a step forward. Sometimes I fall, but then I get back up and I continue to proceed. Sometimes I let time drag me along but eventually get my feet back under me. But there is no going back, there is only forward. And there is no knowing of the future, only choices we can make in the present.

Now I'm getting philisophical. ::blush:: Thanks Hank for the uplifting concept. I'm very glad you shared your perspective and thoughts and your determination is an inspiration to me.



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Well I am an atheist so I don't believe in the whole higher power, purpose to every existance crap that most people spew to try and convince me life is worth living.

But if you do believe in the power of a higher being I like to think of it this way. I am its entertainment. And it does not want its entertainment to go away. So whenever I try, or accidents happen, it interveins and makes me alive again. I am a being to fullfil its darkside. It tortures me to keep its darkside at bay... something like that.

But since I find all religion and stuff to be complete and utter CRAP!!! You just have the same problem I do of being WAY to durable.
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