Life Is Unbrearble when it shouldnt be

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    I am a senior in high school. Going to college next year. Applied to some colleges, got denied to some not accepted to any yet but no big deal. I applied to some schools that I know I can get in. Grades improved from last year, senior year is pretty easy academically. Got 2ds last year this quarter I got one. All this stuff doesnt sound that bad.
    But, Life is at is worse. Im not trying to be mean or anything but I sincerly think that my parents are mentally handicapped. They have a "stereotype" about me. This is what they think. I get home from school, dont do homework or study and just get on the computer untill I go to bed. I dont brush my teeth or take baths unless they tell me. I dont care about going to college. When all of this couldnt be further from the truth. There is nothing I can do to make them not belive this.
    Also, I cant do ANYTHING. EVERYTHING I ASK THE ANSWER IS NO. This is no exageration. This is where I think the mental slowness come in. They. Say. No. To. EVERYTHING. I am better off not asking and I dont. The answer is no to everything. Can I go outside to play bball with my friends. No. Can I buy this hat (with my own money) No. Can I make some eggs. No. Can I do this. No. Can I do that. No.
    Life at school is at an all time worse. I go to a private school, The work is pretty hard. The kids there are dumb as a doorknob but they are always held up on a pedastle higher than public school students and that is unfair. (btw, all the rumor youve head about private school kids being bratty, snobby, stuck up kids of rich parents...all true). I hate everyone in my school. The teachers, the students, everyone. How am I supposed to go here and be successfull. My GPA is bad and I have this lingering feeling of inadequacy. I cant go to my parents for help, for they call me 1. a dumb fuck 2. a dumbass 3. a fuck up 4. that they wish they never had me 5. a failure 6. a pussy 7. some kinda word wit the word fuck in it.
    All im trying to do is hold out til next year but life at home in unbearable. I use to want to kill myself but Im too close to quit now. When I move to college next year im not coming back so thats gonna be all good. To pass the time in the meanwhile I just indulge in drugs. Promethazine and cough syrup, weed, pills, anything. Its the only way to deal with life. My parents dont know abput any of this so this doesnt contribute to what they think of me. Rofl, they belive and even told me, they think Im too much of a bitch to even try and light a lighter. So they have no idea.
    Im just waiting til next year but its gettin harder. Im gettin maddr and madder and I jus feel anger just build up inside me whenever something pisses me off. All I gotta say is I hate life. and Lifes a bitch
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    What do your relatives like your aunts and uncles think of your parents attitude towards you. Some people should never have children.
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    I dont have any aunts or uncles. They were both only children
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    well thanks for the help everyone, it really means a lot :dry: