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Life is way too hard!

So so tired

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I feel like I am living in this holding area between life and death and am done with all the crap in between!

In life - it is one disapointment after other and I don't know how much more I can take.
My moments of happiness are so infrequent that they feel as if they are not there at all.
My son looked very smart in his new uniform this morning as he started at high school.
I only know this as I have seen a picture of him - other major milestone missed!
When you become a parent, worrying about them comes part and parcel of being a mum and I feel helpless in not knowing or addressing any concerns on his first day.
He left me as a boy and may return into my care as a young man and I am so very proud of who he was before but also who he has become.
I am pleased that he is settled with his carers and hope they appreciate having him with all the joy, fun and happiness he brings that I am denied.
I hate my life and just do not seem to have the perspective to see how things are going to change any time soon.
I am very sad, lonely and empty.
Sorry for moaning, I just needed to vent.
Love to you all
So so tired x


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Hey, glad to hear you are proud of your son, hopefully one day ye will be close again but its great that you are so proud of the person he has become. Life is hard, venting is good, you're not moaning, you're letting out your thoughts in a healthy way. I'm proud of you. *hug


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you aren't moaning you're venting @So so tired we all need to get things off of our chest from time to time. i'm sorry that things are so hard right now but it sounds like you have a great son to be proud of. try to keep your head up and look to a positive future...mike...*hug*shake

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