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Life isn't the same anymore, in my head.....

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by whysosrs88, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. whysosrs88

    whysosrs88 Member

    I tried killing myself a few weeks back, as you can see I'm posting this so it obviously didn't work. I tried to OD on over the counter pain medication. Ever since then my mind doesn't seem to be the same. I've destroyed so many parts of my body due to this, and my mind might very well be one of them. I just sit and think maybe I didn't do it the right way. Out of curiousity what would be a better way to go? I'm not sure I can live this way.....
  2. Mightbehere

    Mightbehere Well-Known Member

    I doubt you can die from that. I'm not sure what side effects come with an overdose of what you took but the doctor should explain what might of happened. and this is a pro-life site so we can't help in that regard.
  3. whysosrs88

    whysosrs88 Member

    Well I just called a support hotline, not much help. I just though you know why even try anymore, if I don't even feel right in my mind why continue? I don't know anymore.
  4. At some of my lowest depressed moments, my brain didn't feel like it worked either, even without an OD of painkillers.

    I can tell you this, from my experience with depression and also with working with persons with traumatic brain injuries, you can get better.

    I'm sorry things got so bad that you tried to kill yourself. But I am glad you are here now. Now you can do things to get better.

    Get help with your depression. Allow yourself the time to let your body and modern medicine heal what's wrong. It might not happen overnight. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and have confusing moments, and know that these won't last forever. Mine got better. Yours can too.

    Remember you are not alone! Hang in there.
  5. Samantha

    Samantha Well-Known Member

    Have you exhausted all avenues of professional help?

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