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life isn't worth anymore, i'll just do it

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lkt, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. lkt

    lkt Active Member

    i give up, i just can't take it anymore, i'll just do some things that i had to do before i'm gone, (is weird have things to do it even when i knows that nobody will care)

    my life only gets worse, now i just don't think it'll be better by anytime, so i decided that i don't need this pain, i should have done it years before so i woudn't had to bear this pain

    now that i made my choice, the pain is gone, all the pressure is no more, i just do it once and it's over, there's nothing wrong with it, since all living beings die one day, i'll just make my death come sooner

    i just come here to thank those who supported me before helping me bear this pain for the last weeks, i'm really grateful for your help, and i wish you all to live a long life

    i stayed strong for too long now, is just time to give up and accept the fact that some were not destined to be happy even once, so why should i keep going if deep inside me i know it'll always be like this

    now i see that everything bad that happened to me was my fault, and i'll just die to dissapear with the burden that i am, and this way everybody will be happier, since no one shall miss me, i bet they all will forget about me in less than one year, just like last year when everyone forgot my birthday

    i just need to put things in order too not have any regrets

    farewell, and thank you for everything
  2. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    All living things die - for sure - but of all the living things on this planet - only we are the free ones - we have 'dominion' over everything else - we are special - but I concede that sometimes we are arrogant, rude, cruel and reckless!

    I've sent a long PM to you. I done this first as I really do not want to see a member here kill themselves.

    As for this 'destined not to be happy' - its depression, the 'loop' system in which various negatives are replayed over and over. We pick up the chorus and continue it.

    Read my PM

    Re-read your signature.

    You CAN be that winner.

    hope your farewell is followed by a "I'm OK' post.

    It happens mate.

    Don't think we judge you for doing that - we welcome it as its the first step back.
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    please listen to Peacelovingguy, he has a wealth of experience and things can and will get better.
  4. lkt

    lkt Active Member

    i'm now livin' in hell of bullies just because i couldn't answer a question, just because i couldn't answer "how was the happiest moment of your life until now?"
    i'm now being treated as a lazy person who doesn't want to do even a simple task, i got into another fight outside school because of it, i think i'll get in a lot of fights from now on, i just hope i can win them or else i'm fu****
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