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life like this is pointless

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morning rush

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feels so alone tonight...and yet I don't feel like talking to anyone...I'm hungry but not hungry, I'm tired but not tired...everything in my life seem to suck...why do I get so down? it's easier to go down then to go up it seems...

I should be happy that I did my laundry, at least I did that right? there's so many things I should do but just can't seem to do it...I have no interest in anything...but watching movies...then I get sad when I see how full the characters' lives are...can you imagine? getting down because of people's lives that don't really exist...I almost wish someone killed me...I actually picture it in my mind...how it would feel to have a knife rammed inside me...or to ram a knife inside someone...

life like this is really pointless...


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Movies move me too. Sometimes, the only time I truly feel alive is when I'm watching one. But try to remember that they are creations of life, and not reality. So, to compare our lives to make believe is really fantasy.


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I can understand that feeling :( Wanting to be alone, but not really.. And the conflicting thoughts of wanting to eat or not.. All the confusion.. I really hope you might feel better soon. :hug:


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i feel that a lot now these days. i don't know what to do. i don't think i can change, but i know there are always things we can do, just dont know what. wish i could help. hope you feel better
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