Life Mocks Me

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    I've been depressed for over 2 years now. It started in middle school when the few friends I had left school or abandoned me to join the popular crowd. At first I wasn't too worried and I thought that I would be able to find new friends eventually but I never did.

    I started to spend most of my time alone and wouldn't do much other than play video games, watch movies or listen to music. I was feeling fine whenever I wasnt at school or was being pressured by my parents into talking to others but things changed

    My parents became increasingly worried and made me see a therapist and go on prozac. They thought it would help me but I dont see that happening. I still spend nearly all my time by myself and do things that distract myself and imagine how much better things will be later but every once in a while, whenever I start to forget about how bad my day was, I remember that I'm doomed to spend the rest of my life alone.
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    Everyone's alone to some extent or another. If Prozacs not working for you there are a whole stack of other alternatives.
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    I agree.. Prozac did absolutely nothing for me..I had my shrink put me on a different med and it helps..Everyones body chemistry is different so they have to experiment to find what works for you..Sometimes it takes a regiment of meds. I personally take five different meds..As far as making friends. Are you going to college of just joining the work force..You will make friends, right now you are just in a bad slump..Have you thought about the military?? In there you will find that you get really close to your other platoon members..You actually become brothers..Just a thought..