Life of a slowly going crazy marketer

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    Ugh why did I become a marketer?! I'm only 18 & I'm already running through a list of clients, still going to school, working for the college & tearing out my hair. I maybe sleep every 48 hours during a good week.
    This recent client has sent at least 50 messages requesting a project that should have been given to me 6 months ago & they wanted it done in less than a week. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?????!!!!! They knew I was in the middle of mid terms when they popped out of nowhere, asked me to do one thing & had me do another. They had another person who was supposed to help me with the project but she just dropped everything on my instead of being at the college 9am-7pm I'm here 6:30am-11:30pm trying to finish my other client project (the one that actually gets us a grade), study for mid terms, do my jobs & not go crazy!!!
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    Wow, that's a tough one. Are you required to do their projects? Do you have any options to say "I'll do it right after mid-terms"? Or even no?

    Make sure you take your vitamins and don't skip meals. You need all the body fuel you can get right now.

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    Just tell them no can do I have my mid terms more impt right now. Your life is to overwhelming get rid of something if you can
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    Truly. They forwarded me over 40 corrections & revisions the night before last at like 11pm & then yesterday told me they wanted it finished & sent to print by early this morning... yaaaaaa right! They made me create this from scratch when they told me they had a design complany creating the layout & design...this was over a month ago they told me buuuut nope, they decided to hand me everything & give me at least 3-6 months worth of work in 4 days...& the girl is supposed to help...& apparently is a Communcations Director for a major airline doesn't know how to use basic microsoft programs...which is like unheard of for someone of her "level".