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    Well, I'm in KY visiting my dad and met a guy out here (Shane) who my cousin liked, but told me she didnt like. And then I got with him. And then there was a whole bunch of drama with stuff that he had done in his past. And it turned out that my dad didn't like him so much (with good reason, i might add). But anyways, the part of this story that I actually want to talk about is what happened recently. So I had Shane call my house to talk to willy to get some smokes (I had already been out for a couple of hours and knew that my dad would want me home and I just wasnt ready to go home quite yet) so anyways....they found out I was with him...bad timing. They also heard from Shane's dad that I was pregnant and planning on leaving the state with Shane. This is completely untrue, but it still caused alot of drama for me. I ended up being stuck at home (well its thursday now and this all happened on monday) they took the phones away from me, the internet (this is the first time I've been online) and wont let me talk to shane. I can understand why they would be worried because I've ran away from foster homes before but I havent even gotten to say goodbye to him and they are sending me back to Oregon on Saturday. Its really frustrating...GRAH
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    :hug: sorry things aren't good hun xx
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    hang in there hun, things get tough. parents can act out in ways that seem just cruel, but they think there doing whats best for you. they dont take your emotions into account, just what will help the FUTURE. trust me on that. my parents could give a shit less about what they do makes me feel, as long as it will help me, which in retrospect it most of the time doesnt.

    just stay strong hun, itll get better, it always does. things like this have a way of turning around.
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    Thanks *half smile*