Life sucks

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    There aren't many things to be thankful for. I do the same thing everyday, nothing new is happening, the old good things I can't do anymore because my baggage is to heavy. I work I can't save any money, the older I get the harder it is to save money as you realize that money makes the world go around. These last couple of years realy sucked. Honestly it all started 2 years ago when I left this girl I was going out with because I was told by my step father that she is to old and to ugly for me. She was 32 I was 26, and she had the best body. Her face was a litle messed up, because she smoked up sometimes, so that made her look tired, but she was cool, and I think that I loved her. I listened to this assholle, and now I have nobody for 2 years, with her I found somebody as freaky as me. Since I left her, I moved to another country, I was in 2 fights, I got my ass kicked, I came back to Canada, I moved out I wasn't well licked were I live, and it all seems so unbelievable. Before I seemed to have control on the things I did, but now it's all out of control. This is all just worthless rambling, the pain won't go away. life sucks.