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Life sucks

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yep sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try, what you do to make things better, life will always find a way to take you down time after time.
I'm sick of everything that goes wrong all the time I would be happier if I would be dead and other people would be happier too, or more specifically, they just wouldn't care.The only problem is that i don't even have the guts to try to end my own pathetic life. :wallbash::wallbash:


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Storm, I am so glad you are with us...when we are upset, it feels like we can do nothing right and only focus on that...been there so many times that I feel like I was the Queen of self-loathing...hope you look again and find something you can do and share that with us...yes, you shared with us...that is something you did...big hugs, J
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