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life sucks

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Yes it does suck.. But you have to keep plugging away,,Take it one day at a time..I hope eventually you find peace of mind..
I was hit by a car in aug had surgery in sept still can not walk normally without walker grtting screwed because the driver doesnt have to pay my bills in the process of suing him he was only 17 in pt now sick of being sore and hurting because of the surgery have not walked without walker since aug sick of all this already


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I am so sorry...I truly know how you feel because I am in a wheelchair now and I miss a lot too...please let me know if you ever want to consort with someone who feels like meals on wheels lately..much caring


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Hey emotionalpain. Sorry to hear you're in so much pain.

What do the doctors say about your legs? Is there any permanent damage? Or will it take a long time for it to cure?

Hang in there. Life can get better. You never know what Randomness or Luck might throw your way.
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