Life sucks

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Autumn01, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    Life sucks.
    I'm so depressed.
  2. you're not alone
  3. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    Life is only what you make of it.
    As an example only, if all you ever do is sit around the house and dwell on your problems, then what chance do you have of ever making things get better?
    Why not get out, do something you have never done before? Just because it is not appealing to you now does not necessarily mean that you will not enjoy it at the time.
  4. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    aww I'm sorry :( yes life sucks but thankfully, it's only one day at a go to sleep and when you wake up it's a new day with hope of making it can always try to make it less suck..although it might take many tries, eventually it works out
  5. japanlover

    japanlover Well-Known Member

    Lol... sure. Let me hook up my flux capacitor and tell the slaves of the 19th century, life is what you make it.... umm no. Life is what happens. Op, I'm sorry you feel like shit, i am feeling like shit too. Maybe related to near or first day of October. Kind of odd. I know my suicidal tendencys are related to triggers, are you the same
  6. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

  7. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

  8. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'm sorry you are depressed too.
    Does the beginning of a new month trigger depression for you?
    It doesn't for me. I am just depressed in general and so tired of living.
    I had a job interview last week and got excited for a minute after as they wanted me to come back 2 days later for the day but I didn't get the job. They didn't even have the decency to still call me. She said she would get back to me- yea right. I am so sick of looking for a job.
  9. ksmith86

    ksmith86 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely right.

    Also job hunting sucks. It's all about marketing yourself really. No one is going to look at your work experience and qualifications and go "Well he seems to have enough experience, I really want to hire this guy" Every job I've had I lied my ass off to get!
  10. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    As far as job hunting goes- I must not have what it takes :( I absolutely hate talking about myself.
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