Life Suckss.

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This is my first post and I just needed a place to let it out, I'm glad I found the site. Noone in my life really cares to listen or try to understand. I don't really know where to start.. here's goes a shot...

I'm 22 years old and 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child, and it's a struggle to make it everyday. I think about bringing my child in the world and being there for my 1st child and that's what keeps me going day in and day out. I am extremely depressed with my life at this moment. My significant other constantly reminds me how much I've changed and how miserable he is with me. I work for a woman's health clinic that happens to offers abortions among their services, when I started working here I was prolife. Day in and day out I speak to aggravated, ignorant people who blame me for each and everyone of the problems theyve gotten themselves into. When I started working here I was a lot different, I conversed with coworkers and was generally a happy person. Now I can't remember the last time I smiled, and only address someone when spoken to. I've missed out on a great portion of my son's life, including his first family vacation and his 2nd due to not having the required paid time off which is due to using them for my many frequent hospitalizations during this pregnancy which is high risk. I wish I could be a more active part of my son's life and my newbabies life. I hate the fact that 2 weeks after delivery I will be abandoning him again for a job that I loathe and feel absolutely trapped in. I have no choice but to work. I am the only one working in my house as my fiance is receiving -- and enjoying his unemployment.

I dont really have any friends or confidants.


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Hi B and welcome...I am hopeful your OB is watching for post-part depression and such, and that you have discussed with your MD/OB how you are must be so difficult to have all that stress fall on you ever have any time for yourself? Maybe that is something that you can schedule so that you know you are not that trapped...welcome again and so glad you posted...big hugs, J

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I agree with Sadeyes you need to tell you doctor about your depression so critical now to get help okay before during and after the birth talk to your doctor so help can be started hugs.
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