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Anyone know the meaning of life?

No one can seem to answer this one besides the perpetual

"There's nothing you can do about it. Just live, eat, sleep, work, and be happy."


"Dedicate your life to god, and he will show you your purpose in life."


"Your goal in life is to procreate and leave behind a family legacy."

And of course there's

"Life is all about contributing to human progress."

And maybe even

"Life...is all about this bag of Doritos and that TV screen. Duuuude, just chill. Stop thinking so much." :huh:

And yes, always, always is the

"Why are you even thinking about this anyway? What's wrong with you?"

Which is just a way for them divert the attention from their lack of answers to me, the scapegoat.


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Someone once said to me that the purpose of life is to live it well and enjoy it! Don't know what you're supposed to do if you can't?! :sad:


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Depends on your perception. No one really knows. Some have ideas, some have strong values they live by. It's up to you. If someone told you the meaning of life, hell, even if some "god" came down and told you, why should you believe them? Live your life the way you choose. That's the meaning.


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Found it. This is the first message (by me) in a thread where we discussed this same subject (not too in depth, I might add).

"I've been thinking again. People often get depressed and even scared thinking about their purpose in life. People who have no religious beliefs, or a doubt of their religious beliefs, often times feel insignificant because they look to our purpose as be born, reproduce, and die.

My question is, would you rather have someone tell you what to do? I know I wouldn't want to have some kind of religious belief tying me down, tell me what to do with my life. I've been through that before.....no way to live. So what I'm saying here, is you create your own purpose. You were created as an organism with a brain. Not just survival instincts, you were created with the ability to think. Think about what you value greatest in life, and that becomes your purpose."


Sounds random, but type "meaning of life" into a search engine, theres some pretty interesting stuff out there...

Personally - I believe life has no meaning in itself, you have to give it your own meaning - for me, the eventual aim in life is to accept myself. But I guess its different for everyone - some people find meaning in religion, other people find meaning in alturism, others in just having a laugh, others in fulfilling their duties/ obligations, others in getting rich, others in being successful etc etc. etc.

Thats my personal opinion anyway.


This thread is so relevant to me. The more I live life, the more meaningless I realise it is.

I wish I was never born... Why do people have children anyway? Do they not realise that they are just creating a being that will then die one day? Really by bringing a person into the world, you are sentencing them to death.

The notes in this thread seem to be saying that you make your own purpose, and find meaning within yourself. I find that very hollow. I can't find any purpose and deliberately try not to think about it.. Because when I stop to think about why I am here, I realise that there is no reason.

The death of a person is just a blip on this world's radar (if you are lucky!). And they are blips to other blips. Your average person's death may affect a small circle of people, for a small amount of time, but soon they are forgotten, the memories of them are forgotten, their belongings end up in a tip.

Just look at the pictures you see of mass graves in Europe from hundreds of years ago. For example, the catacombs. Hundreds and thousands of people just like us.. and now they are just bones. Do you think they really would have struggled to hang on to their life if they could "see themselves now"??

The struggle really just is not worth it. There is no meaning. If you think about it.. Accept yourself?? Find meaning in yourself???.. Well, once there is no self, there is no meaning.. no need to try and find a reason to accept.
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