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    so what happens when the LOVE of ur life is suppose to move then something happens and now he cant.. is it faith trying to tell me and him something. like theres one more chance? or they should wait to see what happen? or it isnt true? my head full of thoughts.
    and cutting/? making u bleed intell u faint from it.. does it really help?
    or is it just for i can forget abt all that for a few minutes cause im scared of the blood gettin everywere. why? should i just get my life over with? or should i showed him i change. u cant make anyone love u again. but i do think he has something for me still. idk if i still have something for him.
    but i need help. wat to do.. and do u think it was faith? do u think we might of been meant to b? could i of actually found the one that god wants me to be with? idk.. '

    i wanna goto sleep and never wake up. he dont even understand. he thinks im happy. but all i do is think of him. im leaving so i wont end up trying to kiss him and him telling me no. im leaving cause i no he dont want me anymore. but i think i might still want him. but mayb now.. i need help
    anyone please
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    Heya, 108,

    I'm sorry you're feeling so torn up and confused. :hug:

    I don't know if fate is giving you another chance or not. Whatever the reason, he didn't move. However, I think both people in a relationship need to be interested in making things work, or it will just end up hurting both of them.

    If you don't think he has anything to give anymore, it might be time to just move on. Look deep in your heart and think carefully and I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for you.

    Take care! :smile:
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    108, i thought in our little chat we got everything sorted for you? Send us a PM if u still want to talk about it. take care