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  1. wibble

    wibble Well-Known Member

    Hey Jesus, can you hear me? I know it’s been a long time
    But I'm tempted by suicide, and all the while trying to find
    Is there a reason for me living, or was I always ordained to fall?
    The bullshit causes temptation for me to end it all
    Before I heard deaths call, and this time I’m dying to answer
    Filled with unending loneliness that eats at my mind like cancer
    So Jesus I'm here, hoping that death will help me figure out
    My reason for suffering and what my life's truly about
    No doubt, I've gone through bullshit, tears filling my eyes
    But I'm still standing, many can’t dream of the crap I've survived
    Nine friends die, I've no appreciation of the sacristy of this life
    Self harm, though I bleed out, still battling the monster inside
    Job showed the essence of pain is taught through life's lessons
    If I look back from the outside, can I please see one of life's blessings?
    Filled with confusion and unanswered questions
    Paranoia and migraines, none of this is worth the effort
    Its an obsession, like I use pain to deal with depression
    I don’t build aggression but I keep shit bottled inside
    I tried running from life's problems, but from the pain I’ll die
    I've got veins filled with glass and a heart that's grown colder
    Problems with my ugly face, feels like 5 ton weights on these shoulders
    As I keep getting older, I find bullshit keeps escalating
    Battered and bruised from life, it feels like my spirit is escaping
    Hating, that slut for destroying the mind of my mother
    Knowing, my friends wished I’d died and they’d have another
    I was born weak and I became broken through life's struggles
    Battled suicide in vain, I’ve got problems in bundles
    Overcome with bullshit, its never been simply stated
    Wanna know me? "Fuck you", make note and get slated
    Phrases conjugated, while the bullshit gets escalated
    why should I be living if the life I live is fated?
  2. justafool

    justafool Well-Known Member

    A nice full-scale attack on all that is holy. :biggrin:
  3. wibble

    wibble Well-Known Member

    uppin for more feedback
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