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  1. coffee

    coffee Well-Known Member

    why am I even here?
    why can I see things?

    I can hear and feel my heart
    it's full of hurts, pains and memories that I don't want to remember.

    What have you done for me so far?

    I've done my best. I've tried hard enough
    I need break from you.

    Please leave me alone.

    Please let me be.

    Please tell me this is the end.
  2. coffee

    coffee Well-Known Member


    Did I have any choice to be born?
    I wish I had some kind of buttons of choices to be born or not.
    I wish that I was able to read some kind of contract which has every tiny details on how life can be so difficult that I agree to be born in the world and go through hell.

    I wasn't ready for any of these. My parents never taught me anything.
    I had to learn everything all by myself. I came this far and I am looking back...

    When I was young, when I was so scared to death
    I still believed in myself and I told myself that I deserve to me happy.

    I see my past with full of lies, pretending like I am perfectly fine.
    So busy with pleasing others, draining myself yet still trying to find more energy to get approval from others who doesn't even care about me and even who deeply hurt me.

    This makes me think that I am such a pathetic human being.
    I hate myself for this. I can't forgive myself.

    I just want to disappear.
    no more me, no more anything anymore.

    I need permanent vacation from my life.
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