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Well i recently posted bout me and my gf issues things got worse i have now went home and my life is fallin to shread got to the point im always thinking of a way out way to make it look like an accident way to just disappear my life long battle with depression is finally winning idk if i can make it tru it this time sometimes i just want xxxx and just end it all then and there not sure y i cant.
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What has happened that has made it worse? Please share with us what is going on so that you do not feel alone and unwanted...we are here to support and care...J
losing my gf being played by my dad to get my mom back gf saying she wants me back when i know shes jsut screwing me over u name it is happening


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Hi tabb,

You know your parents love you! Your g/f still cares about you, one way or another. Maybe a break is what you both need for now…?

You started to work when you were 16. Your experiences and your maturity now is more of value to many employers. Like you said to another member, “i know it seems bad and everythin but sometimes u have to wait for the best of things to come to u no good success is truely appreciated until u go tru heck to get there”…

You are still young. Stay strong. You have a lot more going for you in life…
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