Life's a bitch and then you die...

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    ...but when??:sad: Everything is shit today. Felt so sick all day it was an effort to do anything. Won't have my car back from the repair shop for over a week. Daughter's being so cold to me lately it really hurts my feelings, tho she has some reason to be cold and distant as I spent the last year drinking too much and not being a very good mom.:sad: I guess she'll never let me forget my errors and bad judgement.:sad: Sick to death of myself. My life feels like it'll never be better.:sad: Life's a bitch and then you die... but when, oh God, when??:sad:
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    Hopefully when you're old and grey and have had a chance to play with your grandchildren! You're not a horrible person or mom. Unfortunately we have such a huge role that our kids expect us to play. And when we slip, they dont let us live it down. I thinks its fear of seeing that their parents are just human like everyone else and we're not the super parent they want us to be. I think she's scared more than disappointed in you hun. I've got 3 teens right now and belief me, the guilt is overwhelming. But your daughter loves you just like my 3 love me. Dont be so hard on yourself, remember you're not supermom just a super momPM if you need to chat or vent.
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    It seems as if when one thing goes wrong, everything does. we could handle problems and issues if we could only have to deal with them one at a time. It is the combination that tends to make things so overwhelming. You are a great mom despite all the issues you have had going against you this past year. You know how our teens are lol. Take care. You are utterly amazing. :hug:
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    Least, please understand that "children" (whatever their age) see their parents as infallible, or think that they should be...har har.

    Once they grow up emotionally (which hopefully, is sooner rather than later...although I myself fall under the "later" category), they realize that we are all human, even Mommy and Daddy. What sucks is that most of the time, Mommy has to be the bad guy.

    You have every right to be as weak or as strong as you are at any given moment. You are HUMAN!

    Be strong and stick to your guns. Trust me when I say she will forgive, but won't forget. This is a blessing. Seeing my mother at her weakest actually ended up bonding us even more, because now I see her as a real human being, not just the woman born to take care of my needs. You WILL have a great relationship with her, because Least, I KNOW that you are a person with so much love to give. Your daughter may be distant right now, and she must be going through a process that is necessary for her right now. But she WILL come around, and your relationship will be more profound for it.

    Please believe me. Been there with my own Mother. It f'ing sucked, but now we are best friends, and more so because I actually realized that she was (gasp!) fallible. You will become close again. She just needs to deal with knowing that you aren't the Virgin Mary...a tough but necessary lesson.

    Take care.
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    Or, you could say, life's a beach and then you dive:dry:
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    Just remember to swim. I think as kids get older we are put through that terrible "I hate you" stage in order to prepare us all for what is to come. Maybe it makes it a little easier on both sides when the kids go off on their own. We look forward to the release from tension and stress. Yes we miss them a great deal but the distance and time apart can be a good thing too. Just a thought.
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    You can still make it up to your daughter. I don't know how old she is, but now that you recognize it you can turn around and show her that you can be the mother that she needs. My own mother has treated me like dirt, but if she cleaned up and came back into my life I can't say I wouldn't accept her back. I can say now that I wouldn't, but I'm sure if the situation occurred I would. I'm sure your daughter would too. You're her mother and she loves you regardless.