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life's a trip

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So true, good quote.

"We wear the mask that grins and lies
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes
This dept we pay to human guile
With torn and broken hearts we smile."


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"it's amazing what you can hide, just by putting on a smile"
True that!

But - I actually rarely smile - I realised a long time ago that whilst it takes less muscles to frown than it does to smile - that is also takes less muscles to just not really pretend!

And less effort.

Some I guess almost every photo of me I have the same look.

And I don't like poking cameras in my face either.

I actually just look like my passport photo - but I'm fun nonetheless.

If I do smile its not put on.

I like people who make me laugh - but I'd like to laugh with them not at them.


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So true so true! I found that out a long time ago. The best way to keep others from worrying about you. Fake that smile, even if it tires you out. And no one will ever question what's wrong.
Whenever I feel like crying, I try to laugh. Even maniacally sometimes.

Then I genuinely laugh at myself for trying to laugh, and it'll leave a smile on my face, a true smile.

Anyway, you should try something like that. Just let go of yourself and act completely crazy for a while. In the end, it'll either leave you smiling or it won't have done anything. Either way, no harm done.


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I've been smiling a little more lately. It's a weird experience. First the right side of my face bulges and budges up just a smudge and the left side starts up just not to be left out. At long intervals, my mouth drops open and I find myself laughing; sometimes at a joke. Sometimes because orange is a good color but not on a Corvette. Hey. So that's how people (them) smile? I bet it hurts like crazy to do this all the time; I don't see how.
Yes it is detailed discussion and i think hat there is no other solution when you are sad and you try to enjoy but remained fail but anyhow it is good way.
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