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Life's Boot... (Language)

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Why does life keeping kicking you in the ass. Just when things are...neutral, have a plan to get things done, it just kicks you in the ass again. I have an analogy for this. Imagine if someone kicks you in the ass and the boot gets stuck up there. Everyday, you'd probably feel as thought someone is kicking you in the ass. This is how I feel, life's boot is practically stuck up there.

Just today, I sent my dad something a week ago, so he can sign it (some of you may be familiar with FASFA). I call him today to see if he sent it out. He said he probably threw it out. I'm like so damn pissed right now. I have until March 1st for them to receive the paperwork. FUCK. I just want to fucking kill myself. Maybe then will all this crap go away. I have two midterms, homework, and a quiz to study for. Now I'm pissed, and I can't concentrate. Why does everyday just keep getting fucked up. God I want to just....cut myself. Why does shit keep happening every damn day. I'm not saying that I want to be happy, but I at least had a plan for the day. You know what...ALL RUINED.

Fuck me...
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