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    1. 11 multiplications

    Year: 2001

    Age: 12

    In standard six, I had found out a way to multiply practically any number by 11 quickly in just a couple of seconds. I asked a teacher if I had found a new method of calculation. He said that all such methods have already been founded. I discussed that method with a few friends who just said Wow! It just happened because I was simply fascinated with numbers at that point.

    A few days back, I discovered that my method of multiplication was actually a “special case of multiplication” in Vedic Mathematics.


    2. Lost opportunity

    Year: 2013

    Age: 24

    I joined a French language class, in which I had enrolled in for a year, but had to leave it after just a day due to my tight schedule then. In short, some of the money was wasted including entry fees, class fees and book fees.


    3. Painting Lessons

    Year: 1998-99

    Age: 9-10

    At around age 9 or 10, I used to learn painting. I was taught it for about a year. I remember that I learnt pencil sketches, water-color painting, monochromatic painting (my favorite) and several other techniques of art whose names I don’t remember.

    One of the other techniques that I remember was sprinkling sand on to the paper with the use of a couple of tools.

    I learnt many more methods but they are extremely vague in my mind.

    I gave an examination on art by the end of that year. I somewhat remember that my best drawings were collected and were submitted to the test takers. On the test day, we had to paint a landscape. There were a few questions asked after the painting part of the examination was over. One of the questions was that name two famous painters of your country. Another question was asked on who created a particular painting.

    After that test, I decided not to go deeper into my painting lessons and instead focus on my study and sports at school.

    Before 1998, I had joined another art institute as a kid. I think I went there for about 4-5 months. There we were taught to create portraits, landscapes, among many others.

    One funny incident that happened there then was that in a landscape crayon drawing, I had drawn a tree in the middle of a water body. In that institute, the emphasis was on logical drawing. So, one angry teacher, asked me then that why I did so. I replied that because some trees do grow on water. I don’t remember his reply but I am well aware that some trees are indeed capable of growing in water such as in marsh lands.

    We were never encouraged to draw with rulers for they felt that if we used a scale then it would hamper our creativity.


    4. Upside down

    Year: ?

    Age: 5(?)

    I was very shy to go to school. While at home, I was quite active but at school I just kept myself quiet. This happened for a week. After a week, the principle of the kindergarten school came and separated me from the other kids. He then took me to a dark room and locked it. He then tied both my legs, tied the rope to a hook in the ceiling and suspended my body in an upside down position.

    He then asked me why I am quiet at school. He then also told me to stop being absolutely quiet. I was terrified in fear and was unable to give any sort of specific answers. I was screaming very loudly saying stop, stop, stop. I won’t ever be silent again. But I was late to say those words. So, at the start of my torture when I did not say anything specific he caned me a couple of times on my back and buttocks. Then I started screaming and crying in agony and told him to stop repeatedly plus saying that I will always interact in the classroom.

    Then I was put down on my feet. I don’t exactly remember how long that torture lasted. My parents were informed about that incident. They did not take any action against that idiot but from the next day I started interacting with everyone. My both the parents were actually pleased after I began behaving at school and forgot about that dark day.

    I will never forget that punisher’s name. I feel that he should have been punished at least in a minor way or given a warning. But no such thing ever happened.

    There are other better ways to make a kid speak in the public. But the technique tried on me is one of the worst.

    Human Rights violation!

    more later...

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