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Lightbulb went off

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A little light bulb just went off in my head some minutes ago.

As a prelude I think it would be fair to say that I have possibly studied and meditated on human psychology and related subjects more intensely than any other person alive during the same period of a few years that I've had to do it. I have done this with an intensity as if my life depended on it, which it has. I have approached things with as much objectivity as possible, constantly calling into question my every preconceived categorization, my every preprogrammed notion, my every cherished belief or ideal or self-image. I have attacked every foundation of my own identity at its core with no mercy, driven by a unnatural and brutal honesty in an effort to understand. The inner turmoil this has led to has as I've mentioned brought me to the decision to end my life some months from now to escape the unending torment.

The lightbulb is that everything that I have learned these last years has culminated in a clear picture of something that emerges as a solution, one last thing to try before ending life.

Rather than death, an alternative solution is a rebirth of sorts...into an essentially different person. In this case, an intensive no-holds-barred repogramming of the mind would be involved. I would be the experiment and experimenter, creating my own program by integrating various elements of NLP, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and meditation to the saturation point. In the past, I have thought of this but feared it both as a threat to my current identity and as something that could result in the total destablization of an already unstable system. Now though, I've acquired a lucid vision that the true difference among rational people between those who are happy and joyful and those who are tormented by emoyional pain essentially is a difference in thought processes. The thought process *results* in the chemical imbalance, and leads to actions and thoughts which further exacerbate the situation, changing the structure itself.

With the right programming, so long as the environment is conducive to survival and options are available the functioning rational mind will focus totally on that which creates and leads to sustained positive feeling. It goes something like this:

All other ideas will be abandoned or minimized and automatically disregarded.

Negative experiences will be reinterpreted as positive ones for growth.

Every setback or failure will be interpreted to mean an even greater opportunity for success.

Every cause for disbelief will be reversed as a test to enable even stronger belief.

Every bad portent or experience will become a sign that something great must be right around the corner.

Every problem will become a solution waiting to be found.

This is the optimal mind program that is self-correcting. All happy people have the same underlying processes, however it was that they acquired those processes either by upbringing or later discovery.

Once the programming is deeply imbedded, the creative mind will automatically set to work in using all available resources to acheive the programmed result. The requisite for success is a total belief in and acceptance of the program, strongly reinforced by the degree of the programming.

The only thing I think that I need to do is overcome the initial inner resistance, and it will work. It is a matter of repetition and intentional insertion of accepted ideas into the deepest recesses of thought. Optimal success rests on the total cooperation (accepting the suggestion) and some basic rational ability of the subject.

What do you think- would you do something that you recognize as vastly changing your personality in order to achieve real happiness? Would you be reborn as someone new? Maybe this is the wish of so many here. You must "go out of your mind"...into a different mind you choose. To do it though, I think all fear must be overcome. The desire not to change too much is as strong as the drive to stay alive can be. I have come to define myself as someone unhappy...the real goal of my life has been to find truth not necessarily happiness. The path of truth led to me to the discovery of very relative truth based on one's perceptions, so I must change the goal, and to change the goal I must become someone so vastly different that it is someone new.

The other option is death, which the current self tends to prefer over fundamentally changing the self.
Hey I know this is going to sound stupid lol because it's off-topic but I just wanted to say I read all of your posts and I think you're really cool! :biggrin: I wish I could talk like you.. so many posh snob type words.. hmm maybe I'm just really dumb lol

:wiggle: YAY! Maybe we should set up a thinker fan club ? Thinker merchandise! I swear I'll do it if someone asks for one.

:( I wish I was as cool as you! :o
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"posh snob type words"...I'll take that as a noncompliment. I assure you that I am neither posh nor snob. I understand that my own life is irrelevant. I began my existence in the lower echelons of society, and I've been through things that would surely make your own life seem posh and snob. I write mostly to get my own thoughts out...this is actually the way I think unfortunately. As a matter of fact, I'm sort of trying to keep it simple. It's been said I'm more machine than human.

Believe me emmajh1234...I'm not here to be cool. This is life and death seriousness to me. Although with the right marketing, you could make me seem really cool I'm sure.


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You seem to have the kind of mental dexterity and experience to write a series of self help novels. The money gained from such endeavour would probably make your life a whole lot less painfull.

If I had such faith in my mind to reprogramme itself I would consider this as a possible path to success, I however have mild adhd so such reprogramming would be a rediculous pipe dream.

Looking at what you said and the points you raised though I fail to see how one could apply such ability to make themselves happy. Bieng the situation that that kind of mental reprogramming is considered a form of satanism and would only serve to make your character appear less natural and people would be very suspicious. If not to appear as a misanthrope or L Ron Hubbard Wannabee. This is only in other peoples perceptions of you, how you would feel internally is a different matter which only you could answer.

Good luck though, If you have the brain to do it, why not:smile:


What do you think- would you do something that you recognize as vastly changing your personality in order to achieve real happiness?
I've been sort of doing what you described here all my life, except that I've always had many obstacles: laziness, poor memory, horrible concentration, low IQ, restlessness.

0. what are your obstacles and how do you handle them ?

1. is your initial enthusiasm sustainable ? how long until it dies off ?

2. do you have a good method to leave behind the superficial conscious mind and access the subconscious ? (self-hypnosis techniques or something)

3. is this idea of yours something you can believe in ALL the time, 24/7, and especially at crunch time ? (that is, when various operations of your own mind violently resist the desired changes with strong emotions)

4. you need to map out and articulate the relationship between self and others (you haven't mentioned this in your post at all), will it be arbitrary or do you make a commitment to cultivating compassion ?
I of course agree about the thinking process being the key to our mind states. It seems that many of us have our thought processes altered as a result of experiencing a great tragedy or crisis. What you've said here is exactly the reason why I advocate full prioritization of educational reform by the federal government. Great amounts of funding should be going towards educational research and psychology, teachers should go through much more rigorous training, and of course their salaries should be just as high as that of doctors or lawyers. Why must a hollywood actor or famous athlete be paid many millions while our educators are given average pay?

Babies born into our society are not simply the responsibility of the mothers, they will make up the future generations of our society. How the babies are raised will determine whether they become criminals who exploit and hurt others or heroes who serve and save lives. That's the most crucial period of our lives - the childhood and adolescence, it's incredibly vital for all of us, as a society, to provide our children with proper love and support of family, peer acceptance, and an enjoyable educational system. I think back to the reading of Plato's Republic, where Socrates began influencing so many to think for themselves - that's a shining example of the human spirit, human curiousity. All he had to do was question people, show an interest in others to open them up. It's incredible to think about how influential his discussions would be. I don't think enough people realize that all of the great minds hundreds and thousands of years later were discovering their talents through educational ideas directly inspired by these philosophers.

It's not just with thinking positively and negatively, although that is a major problem - but there are whole new fields of science and important ideas waiting to be discovered. All of this great potential exists within humans, it's already out there, all the solutions we need... I really believe that. I think it's just a matter of unlocking it all, it's un-tapped energy, we need to build a proper system to better extract these great resources of the human mind. :smile:
Hey! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, actually it was supposed to be a good thing! Hope I didn't upset you because I didn't mean to. Have a nice day :) Take care
I forgot, this reminds me a bit of cognitive therapy. I don't believe that cognitive behavioral therapy is specifically enough or proper treatment for every person though, different circumstances often call for unique or even a combination of treatments in order to yield positive results. What is being discussed here is not exactly the same as what I'm linking to, I'm just noting similarities in the idea that one's current thought processes must be analyzed and adjusted to help the victim recover.

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