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Lightheaded, Hunger Pangs

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It's now Saturday morning and I haven't eaten anything since Thursday around noon. I tried eating an orange but it didn't sit well. I was even offered eggs this morning and refused.

48 hours doesn't seem like a long while to go without food, but for a guy who's 6'5" and 210ish lbs. with a BMR of 2400, it is. Since Thursday I've lost 2lbs. I've dealt with hunger pangs for about 12 hours now.

I recognize that I have a disorder. I've gone for a week or more without touching food before, but always ended up binging towards the end and gaining the weight back. I feel like there's something spiritual about starving oneself - even though I'm a skeptic and don't believe in all that supernatural crap - but that could just be an excuse to keep doing it.

I began waxing my car this morning and became suddenly dizzy and a bit euphoric, if nauseous. Taking a break now to write this. Not sure where I'm going with this post but I just really felt like talking about it, or rather, writing about it. I'm really not completely here so this is probably going to sound rambling-y.


EDIT: If you're going to respond at all, don't mention seeing a professional. It's condescending and besides I'm already doing it.
EDIT part DEUX: That last edit sounded a bit dickish. Sorry.

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Hope you can at least get some fluids down okay get some protein drinks so you don't get to dehydrated I have felt such hunger pangs and i know they are not fun. I do hope you can eat something small soon hugs


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If I want to be the person I want to be, then I need to lose this weight. It's a personal journey. The not-eating-completely is a side effect.

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There is nothing I can say that is going to cajole you into eating but be careful. The endorphin rush and the "high" feeling is your body going into survival mode. If you can't get solid food down try and keep hydrated. There are protein powders and other light drink mixes that will give your body at least some level of nourishment. Otherwise take it easy ad don't do anything too strenuous.
To be the person you want to be you need to take care of the person you are now.
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