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    It's never for me...I'm always succeeding for everyone else...and nobody gets that...nobody is getting it & Im getting so mad. I'm exhausted, frustrated & pissed... I get a GPA of 4.0, I get in at top level riding stables,I ride 5 days a week, I play mediator for my divored parents, & UGH I do stuff that I dont even realize I'm doing, and I AM T.I.R.E.D & NOBODY is getting it. Not even my counsellor gets it... NO...instead he pulls the "I have students I take to the ER on a weekly basis!"...HELLO , did I say ANYTHING about saying I had it bad?! No I'm just saying I CANNOT keep EVERYBODY happy! I know others have it worse, no doubt there...but hey, I think if we look close enough we can figure out why students end up jumping from dorm OMG! <-- good thing I have a fear of heights...
    I need to find a new counsellor...
  2. total eclipse

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    I hope you find a councillor who listens and truly cares okay everyones problems are important You cannot make everyone happy i have learned that the hard way take care of you okay you alone because if you are strong then you can help others only then.
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    Me too violet. Next month will officially be the 1 yr milestone since I was taken to the ER. Its been one ugly journey & its nowhere near finished. Can it ever really be finished?
    I've learned alot & become stronger, & sharper. Always staying one step of everyone else. Unfortunately instead of just supporting me, they try & have me put away in the unit. Therefore I have to plan everything out.
    I feel like Im stuck @ a cross-roads.
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    :hug: Things will level out for a time. Then things will get worse, and then they get better. Such is the vicious cycle.

    It's not fair to you to keep everyone happy. So take some 'me' time. And if they don't let you have that, take it by force.
  5. PandorasToybox

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    Thanks lightbeam :smile:

    Life is like a really, REALLY bad thrill ride right now haha. I'm always afraid that if I dont do what they want that I may miss out on some opportunity...but at this rate Im risking missing out on a lot more...