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  1. For those who don't know (and if you don't care - by all means, skip this), the myth of Lilith appears in various forms and variations within several major religions. But essentially, she is deemed to be Adam's first wife (betcha' didn't know that, huh?), who rebelled for several reasons (like lack of equality, and not especially liking the missionary position), and left The Garden of Eden - which is when the relatively docile Eve entered the picture...(well, except for that little "Apple Incident")

    One interesting (and funny) thing I read was that in previous centuries, the devout - especially monks - would sleep with a cross over their groin - as it was deemed that a nocturnal erection (and whatever happens afterwards) was caused by Lilith's *evil* offspring (hehe) "trying to get rise" out of them - essentially raping them in order to acquire more 'seed', for more offspring. I wondered immediately if this is where the term "Woody" might have come from!! :biggrin:

    Anyways, to make a short story long, I decided to have some fun with this myth, in limerick form...And if you're not already ya' go! :biggrin:

    Lilith has from Man long gotten a bad rap
    Because she escaped from a well-hidden trap
    While Eve wanted knowledge
    But never made it to college
    Lilith, alone, avoided men’s crap

    In fact, she was not banished from Eden
    But of her own accord, felt like leavin’
    And she never looked back
    Despite anyone’s attack
    Not Man’s, nor any Deity’s lies believing

    Yeah, Lilith refused to be on the bottom
    And also wanted her turn to be ‘atop of the totem’
    So she’s still having fun
    Doing what oughtn’t be done
    Which by Egoist’s decrees was indeed verboten

    Yep, I think Lilith with one glance had already foreseen
    The writing on the wall of what was to be
    And with horrible insight
    Decided to take flight
    Seeking refuge, not ironically, by The Red Sea


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  2. Emptysoul

    Emptysoul Well-Known Member

    Doing some short term research I've looked in Thesaurus' on line and various dictionaries for the term 'Woody'.
    All I found was:-
    adj. wood•i•er, wood•i•est, woody
    1. Forming or consisting of wood; ligneous: woody tissue.
    2. Marked by the presence of wood or xylem: woody plants.
    3. Characteristic or suggestive of wood: a woody smell.
    4. Abounding in trees; wooded.
    n. also wood•ie (wd) pl. wood•ies
    1. A station wagon with exterior wood paneling.
    2. Vulgar Slang An erection of the penis.

    Lilith: (a.k.a Lillith): Originally, she was a female demon who formed part of Babylonian and Canaanite Pagan religion. She was incorporated into the religion of the ancient Hebrews and is mentioned in Isaiah 34:14. The Revised Standard Version of the Bible refers to her as a Night Hag. She was believed to be a female demon that seduced men, terrified children at night, etc. Some later Jewish sources identified her as the first wife of Adam, created at the same time as he was. She didn't submit to Adam's will and was banished from the Garden of Eden. Eve then became Adam's second wife. Some modern-day feminists have adopted Lilith as a heroine.

    However more research into the origins of ‘Lilith’ could provide some incite, thought it would not be an easy task as I have found out, but very intresting.

    Well all I can say is that you’ve got me going now lol
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    Think i kinda went off track here but its got my mind racing lol
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    I like Lilith's style
  5. Yeah, well, there is TONS of stuff out there - go for it if it turns your crank :biggrin:

    Some sites will provide only certain elements of the myths, or go over them all briefly (heck - I don't wanna get anal about it while I'm having "fun"). But from what I read, she did indeed leave of her own accord (being "banished" is like slamming the barn door closed after the horse has deliberately run a way, with NO intention of returning, wot?). God even went of far as to make a personal appearance to talk her into coming back but she said "Um, I don't F**cking THINK so". And according to that version, he snatched up all her children (not destroyed, from what I recall - as I distinctly remember asking myself where they might have ended up...).

    Anyhoo, apparently she and her offspring could multiply with abandon (like bunnies!). All in all, yeah, leave it to the male ego (even several thousand years ago) to "demonize" an independantly thinking spirit...I can't help but try to imagine what this ol' world would be like, if only Adam would've let her be on top. Sheesh! But I digress :wink: (or not)

    Knock yourself out! :biggrin:
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  6. Lead Savior

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    I think we're getting to the point where we want Lilith to be on top (while we're handcuffed to something preferably), but the going is slow
  7. Hey - I'm more than certain you could start your own wee 'cult'! :biggrin:
  8. Corieh Infected

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    Ooh, are we talking about sex! o.o;
  9. Lilith! Corie!

    (actually you'll have to read about her - or...she or her children might have already visited you at night!) :wink:

    ...Among other things, venturing a guess as to the origins of the phrase "woody" and/or starting ones own cult... :smile:
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