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Link between having clutter and depression?

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^^ Thanks for that, I'm a clutter kind of person though it's an organized clutter. Actually don't like it either way, don't like too much clutter but on the other hand really don't like things all neat and tidy, sort of in-between is my state and sort of like it that way regardless of what they say.:ohmy:


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I just helped a hoarder friend and sufferer of depression clear out her apartment. I never thought of the link between accumulating things to insulate yourself from depressed feelings yet the chaos of the clutter worsening depression.


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Well thats me cured! All I need do is set light to me bedroom and problem solved :laugh:


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I'm more at the stage were I'll not bother doing the dishes sometimes.

But I've sometimes fell into the routine were the depression is such that your not as sensitive to clutter and mess as you would be if feeling tip top, or even 3/10 on the tip top scale.

If I never downloaded music I'd be living in a CD shop.

Small mercies....


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AHA!!! I have actually noticed this in myself. If I am surrounded by clutter/untidiness I feel a lot more depressed than usual but, yes, when thoroughly depressed it's hard to get motivated to clean! The answer is make sure the last thing you do each night is a quick tidy so you don't wake up to a mess LOL thats what I do :)

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