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Links & Resources For Depression

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I kind of hoped I could go to the Links & Resources section of this website to find some useful and reliable information about depression. Instead I get the "Burns Depression Checklist" which does seem strange that it's giving everyone such high scores - I think if you asked any person in the street they'd come out as "mildly depressed". As it happens it's written by a guy who will sell you stuff to combat this mild depression with his "Feeling Good Website", a big cheesy grin and lots of books, dvds and workshop sessions he can sell you. I could rant but I won't or have I? Watch Donnie Darko and you'll see where I'm coming from.

All I ask is would it be possible for anyone to either suggest some helpful sites in this thread or get them put onto the links and resources section.

Oh I realise I could be misjudging the guy, I'm quite cynical and just assume he's trying to make a profit out of other peoples misery but he may be really good and a great help to a lot of you out there. Again would be interested to know if you've read his stuff.
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