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Liquid catnip


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Gosh that is so much fun to watch. By the way if you have any soil catnip grows like a weed most places and literally takes no effort to grow. When I was a kid at some point another cat must have dropped a seed fom one in our garden (ya, they eat them sometimes) and we would spend the entire summer battling it, 18in shoots all over the place overnight. I remember we had to save it up and only give it to our cat on sundays. Otherwise she would have been konked out of her mind all the time. She would sleep on the pile of it untill we threw it away.


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i played that with my cousin’s kitty too hahahaha the funny part is, we didn’t even open it and she chased us and curled around our legs for it 😹


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I still don’t know why spray catnip isn’t around. Could walk into grocery, pet store or Walmart and get it. But not now. Very strange. Bought some physical crushed catnip. She’s not into it. My cat is a strange one.

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