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    I’m on medications at night, but I think that I need to be on a mood stabilizer during the day. My doctor is pretty lenient on letting me choose different medications. I save all of my medications for at least a year (because of insurance reasons; if I were put back on that medication. Then, I wouldn’t have to pay for it again).

    I was prescribed Lithium Carbonate 600 MG once a day in March, but I decided not to take it, and my doctor was fine with that. I’m thinking of calling and asking tomorrow if I can go back on it (since, I already have the medication).

    I will more then likely be fine to go on it (doctor will probably be fine with it, just as long as I get the required blood work; which I can get an order for since I‘m seeing him in a week or so).

    I suffer from major depressive disorder (at least it‘s been that way my entire life), but I’m starting to think that my major depressive is turning into bipolar disorder. I think that the Lithium would help.

    Has anyone had any good results on Lithium? I would like to hear what people’s experiences have been on the medication? I’m also worried about gaining weight on this medication.