Litterally rubbing salt in the wounds?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by 3.141592654, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. 3.141592654

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    When I cut, it hurts, but almost immediately it stops, so I cut again. I think I could keep it at just the first cut, as long as that keeps on hurting. I was wondering if there are any (safe) ways to do that. Disinfectants sting slightly and are of course always wise to use, but I want more pain.

  2. total eclipse

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    NO ONE will tell you how to cause more pain to yourself hun That would be against the rules here You need to go get help to stop this self harm and get another coping skill one that will promote self healing hugs
  3. grei

    grei Well-Known Member

    I would just like to add that antiseptics like rubbing alcohol or peroxide can burn/sting a lot, and are a good idea if you're going to be self-harming anyway.
  4. Degenerate Escapist

    Degenerate Escapist Well-Known Member

    It's not for the best, but I find that agitating the cut areas by smacking or any type of moving brings a good deal of pain. It always fades of course but you can get something out of it for a little while. Salt will only infect your wounds, so I highly recommend that you stop doing that. Keep it clean. Infections are actually quite frightening. XD

    Take care.
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