Little Dreamer and The Rose Garden

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  1. Little dreamer, always dreamed,
    In the class room by the trees,
    Little dreamer had always seen,
    Every one of the autumn leaves.

    Little dreamer, she didn't cry,
    In front of anyone at least,
    Little dreamer, was only shy,
    She never saw anyone she could meet.

    Little dreamer, all alone,
    In her world of make-believe,
    Little dreamer, loved the unknown,
    But she kept away from reality.

    Little dreamer, couldn't be,
    The person who she was inside,
    Little dreamer, she would flee,
    Into her world that they could deny.

    Little dreamer, lost herself,
    And never found her way back out,
    Little dreamer, inside herself,
    With nobody to hear her shout.​

    All around is the crimson red,
    The scent of them intoxicating,
    Their songs are filling up my head,
    I swear I might go mad.

    Every time I see them there,
    I'm in the garden in my mind,
    And in front of me, Beware!
    Another rose with sharper thorns.

    I watch the color seep down my arm,
    And another gorgeous rose appears,
    I know I shouldn't make this harm,
    But I find myself addicted to the beauty.

    It's almost like it's a spell,
    My dark red palace, my sanctuary,
    But I know in reality it's to quell,
    My need for more roses in those trees.

    I see so many, so many, so red,
    I see them taunting me in my head,
    I see on the petals things I said,
    That I've come to regret.

    Now I'm here again, deep inside my mind,
    Looking down at the dark, rich crimson,
    And there is that new one, just behind,
    Just blooming in my Rose Garden.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.