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  1. Greying

    Greying Well-Known Member

    There was once, a little girl.
    Born free and innocent,
    full of joy and curiosity of the world around her.
    A little girl lost, who wanted love, guidance and nurturing.
    A little girl lost reaching out to the adult role models in her life.
    But, what this little girl got, was short of anything she had hoped for.
    What this little girl learned, would prove to be a painful legacy, she'd carry around all her life.
    She, didn't hear kind words of love. She was never encouraged
    to be what she wanted to be,oh! no.
    She was never allowed to be a little girl.
    She had to grow up very young,
    be responsible & mature before she was ready.
    She learned Not to cry,
    don't show pain, to hide,
    that adults had all the power and control.
    And to go against them wold be deadly.
    So, in fear, this little girl
    would pretend to be what she was expected to be,
    behave like a lady, never cause a stir
    ,when all along, this little girl,
    But, she dare not let it out. What would happen if she did?
    The thought terrified her.
    So, in silence, this little girl
    hopelessly wandered through life feeling alone.
    While all along, she wanted to fit in,
    wanted to be included, wanted to join in, but couldn't.
    She was afraid of rejection, of being wrong.
    So, she sat, tight lips muttered not a sound.
    So no one would harm her, no one would notice her,
    no one would come after her.
    SIlence, became her way of life.
    A way of life that would become her worst enemy.
    Because, the silence she kept, kept her trapped
    in places she didn't wanted to be, with people she couldn't stand.
    With heartaches she couldn't express.
    This little girl never quit grew up.
    She made some progress along the way.
    But, not enough to totally free her lost soul and wounded child.
    She so long ago had buried deep inside.
    She still struggles to hear her own voice,
    to express her feelings, needs and wants.
    How hard this is for her
    She was taught well,
    that all these things didn't matter,
    she didn't matter,
    she had no choices,
    her opinion didn't count,
    she was dismissed, never validated.
    So, she assumed all the adults must be right.
    She began, over time to believe what they were teaching her.
    that she didn't matter,
    she wasn't important,
    she wasn't good at anything,
    her feelings were wrong.
    She shouldn't feel this way or that.
    So, she convinced herself Not to feel.
    Don't have an opinion, because, surely it would wrong,
    at the very least it would different from everyone else
    and that would cause a problem..
    This little girl lost, would learn to write her feelings and draw her thoughts.
    It was, for her, the only way to release and escape.
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  2. Lonely85

    Lonely85 Well-Known Member

    Greying that poem is beautiful but very sad. I can totally relate to it. Thanks for sharing it and letting me know you wrote poems in the other thread x
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  3. brightlight

    brightlight SF Supporter

    looks like a strong gifted woman grew out of the lost little girl and will now give her all the loving she needs. well done
    Love and Light
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  4. Cody0991

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