Little Green Girl.

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  1. Pink Teardrops

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    Hey little 'green' girl
    you new in the city?
    Hey little green girl,
    don't run from me!

    I'm not out to hurt you
    just telling some rules

    you won't find any love here
    'little' green girl
    just drugs, sex and maybe money

    If loneliness suits you
    come join the city
    where life is all parties and joy
    a life by the night

    yet in the morning after
    nothing has changed.
    Sadness, that is!

    Still sticking around lil girl?

    have some fun
    get lost
    and watch the colors fade

    regret will find it's way
    and when it does m'girl,
    you'll still be new in the city.

    Don't ever try running from me
    My little green girl.
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