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Little Lies

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I wonder if all people lie, or do they really tell the truth? I'm sure everyone lies at some point in their lives, but what of those that you can't tell the truth from a lie? What do you do? I've been lied to by practically everyone in my life, and no this isn't an attention seeking sort of post. I just wonder how i know who i can trust and who i cannot trust? If someone says I'm sorry I'll never do it again, and they do it again and again and again but continue to say that, you can't just not believe them every time. But you can't believe them every time either. Curiosity is truly taking over my mind I have so many questions i want answered, but I'm not sure anything would change for half of them, and the other half I'm not sure if there is a right answer. It makes me wonder if there is just one right answer to anything, does it all just depend on other people's opinions? Like witnesses of a crime? What happens when that little lie from that one witness story is the one you believe?


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I get the message and that is so sad, they can so betray you up in the asses while you have to go their ways like some kind of dog, "bad dog doesnt deserve love".

I am forced to be lying about how I am feeling when they're calling me cause whenever I say Im feeling very crappy they say I am suicidal and calls the police right away and tells them I'm not taking my medication like I should which is absolutely wrong all from the beginning, so I'm stucked because no one is listening but myself, I know I have rights, everyone does, we were born with but I dont think it doesnt matter anymore...
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