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little me ** triggering **

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I posted this here because i wanted to make sure i didnt accidentally upset anyone who was expecting to read beautiful poetry in poets corner as this is quite the opposite ...its harsh and a little graphic but i wrote it myself so please be aware it is regarding sexual abuse as a child so please do NOT read on if you are in any way affected by reading things like this also if the mods wish to move this somewhere else feel free :)

Tiny hands vice like grip pull covers to my chin,
Footsteps near induce my fear and terror grows within,
And while they sleep, my tormentor creeps to touch my silken skin.

"Shh my sweet, soon you can sleep, nothing but a dream,"
Hot foul breath my innocence death i do not scream,
In the dark i still my heart the tears stream.

As i feel the weight of my little bed increase,
A skilled pair of rough hands remove small breifs,
A greedy mouth and heavy arms i tremble like a leaf.

what happens next i guess its best i leave out all the rest.

! lie there still my body chilled my insides raw,
I didn't yell, i cannot tell and he'll be back for more,
As i weep i cannot sleep my eyes fixed on the door.

Morning breaks my body aches yet still my eyes are wide,
I slowly dress i do my best the buises i hide,
Then down i go they can not know i am his infant bride.
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Oh wow... beautifully written. I'm so sorry that you had to experience that. :hug: . It brought tears to my eyes. Your writing is wonderful, perfectly executed and nice and flowing.



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:ohmy::no::sorry::flowers: dont know what else to say.. but how beautifully you write about something so bad, can feel your pain

and this is for him :gun:


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thankyou all for having good things to say about my poem ...i was considering not posting it but thankyou and im glad i did ....it wasnt really for me i wasnt going to but for other people theres somethings you read and its like rubbing salt in old wounds and i didnt want that to be the case so thanks for letting me post it and for being so gratious
much love sarah xx
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